Due to the repair work of the compact shelving, the following area is not available.
If you wish to use the materials located in the area, please ask at the circulation counter.

Date: February 27, 2024. 9:00-17:00

LocationCall No.
Library Main Building Basement
Shelf No. 158-176
[306:42]~[961:33] of Kodaira Classification
[VA:1]~[W:32] of Previous IIR Business Histories
[301]~[989] of Kodaira Classification (Large-sized)
* Including Large-size and Oversize books in the above categories.
Periodicals Annex 3rd floor
Shelf No. 41-61
[ZG:62]~[ZO:10] of Large-sized Bound Periodicals (in Japanese)
[ZH:1]~[ZK:207] of Bound Periodicals (in Japanese)
* [ZK:207] is available from vol 63 (2009).

Also, noise may be occurred.
We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

For library users who will remain enrolled at Hitotsubashi University after April 2024, the user’s expiration date will be as follows:

Faculty and staff who will have renewed the contractThe expiration date will be extended after April 1.
If you wish to extend your expiration date during the current fiscal year, please contact the Circulation Counter. (Weekdays 9:00-17:00)
Students who will extend enrollment
(enrolled under the same ID)
We will extend the expiration date around March 9, and inform you on MyLibrary.
We will NOT extend the due date of books, so please renew your loans yourself through MyLibrary.
Students continuing their education on campus or finding a job on campusIf you have documents (e.g., Letter of Admission) confirming your higher education or employment, you can issue a temporary Library card expire on March 31. Please contact the Circulation Counter with your documents. (Weekdays 9:00-17:00)
You CANNOT transfer borrowed items to a new student ID number. Please return them by March 31.
*Overdue penalties will carry over.

More information if you will graduate or retire

You must return all library materials when you graduate or retire in March 2024.
Please check your circulation status on MyLibrary.

All library services, including MyLibrary, expire at the end of your enrollment period.

For those who are graduating or completing their studies, it will expire on March 15, 2024, and for those who are retiring, it will expire on the end date of employment.
Please note that the expiration date is different from some Information Systems Management Headquarters services, such as Gmail.

You can return them to the book return drop outside the entrance or also mail them back.

The delivery address is as follows;

2-1, Naka, Kunitachi-Shi, Tokyo, 186-8602
Hitotsubashi University Library, Circulation Counter

  • Send them by traceable service. (e.g. “Yu-Pack", “Letter Pack" of Japan Post co., ltd.)
  • Wrap the books in a plastic bag to prevent rain and water.
  • Pay the postage yourself.
  • If there is the product name field, please write “Return Book".

9:00 – 17:00 on Sunday, 25th Feb. 2024 (Japan Time)

〈Suspended service〉
All JapanKnowledge Services (JapanKnowledge Lib, Select contents and JKBooks)

From 21:00 on Wednesday, 31th Jan. to 3:00 on Thursday, 1st Feb. 2024 (Japan Time)

〈Suspended service〉
All JapanKnowledge Services (JapanKnowledge Lib, Select contents and JKBooks)

The Library offers long-term loans for the Spring Vacation.

Period: January 29 – April 3, 2024

CategoryDate due
Undergraduate studentsThursday, April 18, 2024
Graduate students: Books for StudyThursday, April 18, 2024
Graduate students: Books for Research2 months (as usual)
  • This does not include bound periodicals, and “not for loan” items.
  • When the expiration date of the student ID card is earlier than the due date, the expiration date will be regarded as the due date.
  • The loan period of the Chiyoda Campus Library materials will also be extended on the same schedule.

About Renewal

  • Users can renew materials already borrowed into the long-term loan period, unless the materials are overdue or have been reserved by another user.
  • Using MyLibrary, users can view their checked-out or reserved items and renew their loans.
  • When using MyLibrary, users can renew into the long-term loan period from 9 a.m. on January 29.

20,000 academic ebooks from Oxford Scholarship Online are now available. Oxford Scholarship Online provides academic ebooks from Oxford University Press, spanning 27 subject areas. New titles will come up every month.

Oxford Scholarship Online does not cover handbooks, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

The library will cancel ebooks when you send a purchasing request for the title within this package during this period. After the period, titles to be purchased are determined based on the usage reports indicating which titles are the most popular within the university during the period under an EBA model.

ACCESS:  Oxford Scholarship Online
 ※Please log in to “Hitotsubashi Authentication System Single Sign-On" when accessing from off-campus.

Available titles are listed under “Find out more>Browse all books in this collection" on the above site.

APA PsycArticles is available.
The American Psychological Association (APA) provides a variety of databases containing abstracts and a wealth of full-text information covering all areas of psychology and related disciplines. The “Journal of applied psychology" and “Psychological bulletin," which the university subscribes to in printed form, are also available electronically.

*Off-campus access is available. Please log in to “Hitotsubashi Authentication System Single Sign-On" when accessing from off-campus.

We have entered into a three-year transformative agreement (*1) with Springer Nature from January 2024 to December 2026.

*1 Transformative Agreement
This is the agreement under which the fees paid by universities and other institutions to publishers for access to articles will be progressively converted to APCs (Article Processing Charges), with the aim of expanding open access publication.

Access to SpringerLink e-journal Advanced Package

This agreement provides access to approximately 2,200 Springer journals.

The list of titles included in the package can be found at the following link;

SpringerLink e-journal Advanced Package Title List

Visit SpringerLink

About APC (Article Publication Processing Charge)

If you are the corresponding author of a paper submitted to a hybrid journal of Springer Journals, Academic Journals on nature.com, Palgrave Macmillan Journals, or Adis Journals, please contact us.

The list of eligible titles can be found at the following link;

Eligible for Transformative Agreement Title List

For more information, please contact us using the form below;

Contact us about e-journals / electronic databases

We will inform you of cancelled databases from 2024. Check the list below.