How to Search for Literature

Quick Guide

Quick guide with information on material categories, how to research by theme, and how to use the library.

How to Find by Tools

The following pages provide information on various tools.

  • Searching HERMES-Search: You can search for a variety of documents and information, including electronic resources, in one place.
  • Searching HERMES-Catalog: This tool is useful when you want to limit your search to print books, periodicals, microform materials in our collection.
  • Searching the Card Catalog: If you cannot search materials were published before 1990 in HERMES-Catalog, please check the card catalog as well.
  • Searching for Materials on the Shelves (Classification TablesFloor Guide): Find the subject you want to look up on the Classification Table, check the floor with the classification number, and look for the material on the corresponding shelf.

How to Search for Specific Materials

This section provides information on how to search for specific categories of materials and the collections of partner universities and other libraries.

 (Reference) For Those Who Want to Know More Details *Only in Japanese

Slides for in-class guidance (On-demand guidance) for each of the following contents are available here. Please use them as reference for how to research and find out more.