If the materials you require are not held by the library, you may be able to use those items at external libraries.


Visiting Other Libraries (Viewing Only)

National university libraries

  • You can use the central libraries of national universities by presenting your faculty or student ID (most of them do not lend books).
  • However, in most cases, prior inquiries are required for the libraries of departments and research laboratories. Please follow the procedure below to make an inquiry in advance.
  • Even at Central Libraries, some materials may require an inquiry. If you want to use a specific material, please make an inquiry in advance using the following procedure as much as possible.

Public and private university libraries

  • In most cases, a letter of introduction is required individually at public and private universities. Please make an advance inquiry according to the following procedure.
  • However, you can use the following libraries by presenting your faculty ID (full-time only) or student ID. For more details, please refer to “Mutual Use with Other University Libraries " .
    • Tsuda College Library
    • International Christian University Library
    • Keio University Media Centers
    • Waseda University Central Library

The Library of Institute of Developing Economies (The IDE Library)

Please show your faculty or student ID card, and submit User Card Application Form (*only in Japanese) issued by Hitotsubashi University Library to the IDE Library. You will be provided with a user card which will enable you to enter the library and borrow materials. Types of loanable materials and loan periods are below.

Material Type Loan Period Check Out Limit
Books 30 days 10 volumes
Statistical Materials 14 days
  • Reservation is required to use maicrofilms and CD-ROMs. Please apply at least two days before you plan to use.
  • Please follow the rules of the IDE library to use other materials or facilities.

The Renmin University of China Library

  • Hitotsubashi University faculty and student ID cards can be used to enter the Renmin University of China Library to browse and copy materials. No letter of introduction or entrance fee is required.
  • This service is available only at the Central Library of the Renmin University of China. If you wish to use services at facilities other than the Central Library, please follow the regulations and procedures of each facility.
  • Theses, microforms, CD-ROMs, databases, and library computers are not available at the Renmin University of China Library.

How to apply

Letters of introduction are issued at the Help Desk. Please apply via Inquiry Form.

  • We obtain permission from the visiting library in advance, so please apply 3-5 weekdays before your planned visit.
  • You should specify below:
    • The date of visit (You need one letter per day)
    • The materials you wish to use

You may receive letters of introduction at the Help Desk from 9AM to 5PM on weekdays. Please consider the schedule for picking up letters of introduction.

Process for Issuing Letter of Introduction
(1) Apply via Inquiry Form
(2) Request to other library for use/checking of holdings
(3) Reply from other library (usage permission)
(4) Applicant contacted
(5) Letter of introduction issued at Help Desk