Searching for Graduation Theses and Master’s Theses

Graduation theses, master’s theses, and credit-earning theses for doctoral courses are shelved in the stack areas.
(Please note that some theses are not stored in the library.)

How to use

Graduate students/Faculty
: Can enter the stack areas.
Please apply at the main counter, and card keys will be provided.

Undergraduate students
: Cannot enter the stack areas.
Library staff will bring the theses, so please fill out request cards and submit them at the main counter.

*Approval of the author is required for use theses by non-Hitotsubashi University members.
*Please click here about a way of using the stack areas.

How to search

In HERMES-Catalog, you can search for graduation theses, master’s theses, and doctoral dissertations credit-earning theses for doctoral courses.

Please note that some theses are not stored in the library.
*If you search for theses/dissertations submitted before FY1990, please also check the card catalog.
*Please refer to “E006 How to find graduation theses” in Research Guide for how to search in HERMES-Catalog.

How to search from off-campus

1. Log in to MyLibrary.
2. Make sure that the “Remote Access Database Menu” pop-up window opens.
3. Click “HERMES-Catalog” in the list.
*If the pop-up window does not open, please click here for details.