Support for Open Access

If you hope to publish your submitted paper as Open Access (OA), an Article Processing Charge (APC) is required in many cases.
Hitotsubashi University supports OA publication of your paper in the following ways.

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Support by Transformative Agreement

We have entered into transformative agreements (*1) with the following publishers.
If the accepted paper is eligible for the OA support program for Transformative Agreement, the APC will be covered by the University, and the author will be asked to pay a part of the APC (we call “author’s OA expenses") to the University.

For the number of remaining annual publications under this program, please see “APC Support by Transformative Agreement" (on-campus only).
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*1 Transformative Agreement
This is the agreement under which the fees paid by universities and other institutions to publishers for access to articles will be progressively converted to APCs (Article Processing Charges), with the aim of expanding open access publication.


Eligible journals: “Core Hybrid Journals" in the Freedom Collection titles designated by Elsevier
*Full Gold OA journals are NOT eligible.

List of Titles by Transformative Agreement

Period: April 1, 2024 – March 31, 2027 (annual publication quota is capped by each year)

Springer Nature

Hitotsubashi University have entered into a three-year transformative agreement. This Agreement is named “J-SPRINTA (Japan Springer Research Institute Transformative Agreement)".

Eligible journals: “Springer Nature Japan Transformative Agreement : Journal Title List for Open Choice" designated by Springer Nature

*Hybrid journals of Springer Journals, Academic Journals on, Palgrave Macmillan Journals, and Adis Journals that are eligible for OA publication under the Transformative Agreement

*Nature journals, full OA publications, or titles that do not offer OA publishing options are excluded.

List of Titles by Transformative Agreement

Eligible period: January 1, 2024 – December 31, 2026 (annual publication quota is capped by each year)

Annual publication quota has already reached its maximum by December 31, 2024.
This publication quota will be reopened on January 1, 2025.


For more information on support by the Transformative Agreement, please feel free to contact listed below.
Library Affairs Section

Support by On-campus grants

Hitotsubashi University provides supports through On-campus grants. For more details, please contact listed below.

  • The graduate school office you are belonging to
  • Research Services Office [mail]◎ (Please change ◎ to @)