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Open Access Week 2021

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  • Theme: “It Matters How We Open Knowledge"
  • Date: October 25 through 31

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HERMES-IR Usage from around the world

HERMES-IR is accessed from all around the world.
We mapped which countries accessed HERMES-IR during FY2018 along with the number/amount of usage.

■ HERMES-IR Usage Map (Japanese Only)

Open Access Success Stories

Open for Whom? An excerpt from a report which examines stories that describe the benefit of open access for readers, authors and institutions.

 ■ Open Access Success Stories (Japanese Only)


オープンアクセス サクセスストーリー

Hitotsubashi University Open Access Policy

Hitotsubashi University adopted an Open Access Policy in October 2017. All research outputs by university faculty members that are made Open Access can be accessed via Hitotsubashi University Repository HERMES-IR.

Hitotsubashi University Open Access Policy

Approved by the President on October 19, 2017

1. Hitotsubashi University (hereinafter “the University”) hereby prescribes the Open Access Policy based on its Mission Statement in order to develop, accumulate, and widely publish intellectual and cultural property rich in originality for the creation and study of new fields in the social sciences.

(Open Access to Research Outputs)
2. The University provides open public access to the research outputs by the full-time faculty of the University (hereinafter “the Faculty Member”) published by commercial publishers, academic societies, or departments in the University via the Hitotsubashi University Repository (hereinafter “the Repository”). The ownership of the copyright of such research outputs will not be transferred to the University.

3. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the University will not make the specific research outputs public via the Repository due to copyright or similar protection.

4. This policy shall not apply to the research outputs published prior to its implementation or contractually conflicting with it.

(Submission of Research Outputs and Deposit in the Repository)
5. The Faculty Member will submit his/her research outputs, which would be permitted to be deposited in the Repository (e.g. published article, accept manuscript) as soon as possible. Deposit, release, subsequent use, and all other issues related to the Repository shall be implemented according to the operational guidelines of the Repository.

6. The parties concerned shall negotiate the open access issues unstated in this policy.

(Effective Date)
7. This Policy will be in effect as of April 1, 2018.

Hitotsubashi University Open Access Policy(Hitotsubashi University Website)

What is Open Access?

Open access is where research literature is published free to read online, with a clearly identifiable reuse license. Open Access is a key tool aimed against the rapidly rising costs of journal subscription prices, and at the same time accelarates interdisciplinary research and innovation, resulting in more research output taken up by society.

Authors also merit from making his/her research output open access. Open access articles have a greater potential readership, meaning they recieve more access, resulting in higher numbers of citations. Authors are also able to read their articles anytime, anywhere via the internet.

Open Access is now a global movement. In the United States, the National Institute of Health(NIH) issued a Pulic Access Policy in 2008 which mandates research papers describing research funded by the National Institutes of Health to be available to the public free through PubMed Central within 12 months of publication. In the UK, the RCUK also issued an Open Access Policy in 2012 stating all research which acknowledge Research Council funding allow “immediate, unrestricted, on‐line access to peer‐reviewed and published research papers, free of any access charge and with maximum opportunities for re‐use." In Japan, funders have also requested that publicly funded research should be made available to the public free of charge.

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How to acheive Open Access

There are 2 routes to making research output openly accessible:

Gold Open Access

Gold open access is when either the author or their institutions and funders pay an APC(Article Processing Charge) to publish an article in a fully open access journal or hybrid journal.

Green Open Access

Green open access is the practice of making a research output available by placing a version of an author’s manuscript into a repository. Researchers affiliated with Hitotsubashi University can make their research open by submitting to Hitotsubashi University Repository HERMES-IR.

What is an Institutional Repository?

An Institutional Repository is an archive for collecting and preserving digital copies of the research output of a research institution. Hitotsubashi University’s repository, HERMES-IR, collects and disseminates research materials published by its members once permission can be obtained. Our collections include Doctoral Dissertations submitted after 2013, departmental bulletin papers, working papers, University Archives, the Libraries special collections and more. For more information, please see:


  Hitotsubashi University Library Digital Resources Section