HERMES-IR Institutional Repository Support

What is HERMES-IR?

HERMES-IR (Hitotsubashi University Institutional Repository) is available to the public since May 2007 in order to disseminate the results of Hitotsubashi University’s research and educational activities to the world via the Internet. An Institutional Repository is an archive for collecting and preserving digital copies of the research output of a research institution. The director of the library is responsible for the operation of the HERMES-IR, and Library Affairs Division supports the operation of the HERMES-IR.

Research & Education Resources

HERMES-IR collects and stores the results of Hitotsubashi University’s research and education activities in electronic media, and disseminates them on the Internet by publishing the full-text data. By harvesting metadata (e.g., author names, titles, journal names) from other databases (programmatic collection of metadata), the data registered in HERMES-IR can be searched on external sites. The institutional repository functions to promote the distribution of academic information in cooperation with the National Institute of Informatics, Japan Consortium for Open Access Repository (JPCOAR), Japan Alliance of University Library Consortia for E-Resources (JUSTICE), and other organizations.

Materials to be included

journal articles, research papers, Theses and Dissertations, department bulletin papers, Conference Papers and Presentations, educational resources, books, etc.

Special Collections

This database contains electronic images of special collections held by Hitotsubashi University. By digitizing valuable old classics and many original historical materials (photographs, charts, documents, manuscripts, natural history materials, etc.) for social science, we are striving for a balance between preservation and public use of materials.

Material to be included

The Burt Franklin Collection, Banknotes and Coins (German Papiermark etc.), Pre-World War II Asia in Photos, Portraits and Statues held by the Library etc.

Copyright Research

In order to disseminate the research results in the Institutional Repository and to digitize the materials held by the library, we are processing the necessary copyrights to digitize the bulletin papers and materials held by Hitotsubashi University and to make them available on the Internet.

Research & Education Resources

Special Collections

Public Survey of Copyright Holders (only in Japanese)