The following methods are available for copying in the library.

Self-service via Copy Machines

1 Sheet10 yen50 yen
  • Copying is available via card-type copy machines or coin copy machines.
  • Please fill in a Document Copy Application Form.
  • This is in order to confirm that the copying is legal as “reproduction in libraries, etc."
  • The machines that can be used vary depending on the kind of prepaid card.
    • For Faculty
    • For Graduate Students
    • For Co-Op Use
    • Coin-type
  • Please do not copy anything other than library materials.
  • Non-library items such as notebooks and other materials brought into the library cannot be copied on library premises.
  • Please refrain from copying damaged materials.
    For items that would likely suffer damage from copying, please inquire at the Help Desk.
  • No receipts can be issued for self-service copying.


University User1 Sheet20 yen60 yen
Non-University User1 Sheet40 yen80 yen

Copying of the following items is handled at the Help Desk on the 1st floor of the main building.

Copying of materials in a frail condition

library staff will make copies using a specialized machine.

Microform Viewing/Printing

Make an application at the Help Desk after retrieving the microforms at the Checkout desk. Please refer to this page for the usage hours.

Copying of Valuable Materials

Copying of the University’s valuable materials and documents published before 1850 is as a rule only available via microfilm.
For details, please see the Use of Valuable Materials page (only in Japanese).

Copying of collections managed by the Center for Historical Social Science Literature

Copying procedures should be completed at the Help Desk on the 1st floor of the library (not at the Center for Historical Social Science Literature). Fill in the necessary information on the Copy Application Form provided, and apply at the library Help Desk.

Help Desk Service Hours
Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00 (except 12:00-13:00 during holiday terms)
* Users wanting their copies and receipt on the same day should apply by 15:00.
Note, however, that depending on the amount of copying and how busy the library is, same day delivery may not always be possible.


Please conduct all copying within the scope of legality prescribed in the Copyright Law.

  • It is illegal to copy a book in its entirety.
    The legal limit allows for a range not in excess of half the number of pages in a work.
  • The full text of an article in the current issue of a periodical cannot be copied.
    Copying of the whole of an individual work included in a periodical already published is permitted after a reasonable period of time has passed since publication (i.e. after the next issue has appeared).
  • One copy per person is the legal limit.
    Making copies to give to other people is illegal.
  • Normally, the permission of the copyright holder is needed to copy material.However, as an exception, and only when certain fixed conditions are met, copying without seeking the copyright holder’s permission is acceptable.
  • When copying within the library, Article 31 (Reproduction in libraries, etc.) of the Copyright Law applies. However, when copying outside the library, conditions for free use of a work are prescribed as in Article 30 (Reproduction for private use) and Article 35 (Reproduction in schools and other educational institutions) of the Copyright Law.

cf. Q&A: Copyright issues in University Libraries (National Public & Private University Library Co-Op Committee, University Library Copyright Advisory Committee)
cf. Copyright (Agency for Cultural Affairs)
cf. Copyright Research and Information Center