E-mail Notification from the Library

You can receive notifications via e-mail about reservations and orders from HERMES-Catalog and Web request service (Book purchase request,Photocopy/Interlibrary Loan) if you select “E-mail" as “Selection of a Contact" on the application page.

E-mail Address Registration

You can register your preferred e-mail address as the mailing address.

Temporary Registration on the Application Page for Each Service

You can specify the address to which you want to be notified on the application page for each service.
*Please note that the address registration on each page does not have a function to prevent misspelling of addresses. Please make sure to enter the correct address.

Adding or Changing E-mail Address

You can register or change your preferred address in the “Change E-Mail Address" menu of MyLibrary.

Initial Address

The following addresses may be defaulted in the library system. The initial address is displayed in red as “Registered E-Mail Address" on the page that opens after selecting “Change E-Mail Address" menu of MyLibrary. You cannot change or delete the initial address by yourself.

  • For undergraduate and graduate students: “Your Student ID Number “@g.hit-u.ac.jp (Gmail)
  • For others: the address you provided when you applied for your library card, etc.

Notes on E-mail Address Registration

  • Even if you change your registered e-mail address, the address of the notification e-mail for your application before the change will not be altered.
  • The “Change E-mail Address" menu allows you to register/change/delete the address you registered on this page. If you delete the address on this page, it will recur to the initial address.
  • In some cases, even though you have changed the address, the Library may still contact you with the default address. If you are not using the default address, we recommend to set up a forwarding system. For undergraduate and graduate students with a “Your Student ID Number"@g.hit-u.ac.jp e-mail address (Gmail), you can set up mail forwarding by going to “Mail Forwarding and POP/IMAP: Forwarding" on the top right corner of the Gmail screen.
  • In addition to notifications about Web request services, the Library may use e-mail to contact you about lost and found items or inquiries about lending materials.
  • Your registered e-mail address will be used only for communication from the Library.
  • If you have any questions on how to set up your e-mail address, please contact the counter at the Library or the Chiyoda Campus Library.