Searching HERMES-Search

We recommend using HERMES-Search (search window on the top page of the library website) for searching a wide range of materials and documents from the University’s collections, e-journals, e-books, and various bibliographic information. Search for certain articles is also possible. If the search results are for materials held by the University, the results will be transferred to HERMES-Catalog, where detailed holding information will be displayed.

  • If the full text of the article is available, a page providing the full text or a navigation page (HERMES-Link) will be displayed to guide you to the electronic resource.
  • If the full text of the article is not available, the HERMES-Link navigation page will be displayed to guide you to other ways to obtain the full text of the article.

How to Search and How to Read Search Results

Please refer to the following guide on how to search for materials and articles using HERMES-Search.

HERMES-Search Targets

  • Hitotsubashi University’s collection (Books, Journals, Microforms, etc.): HERMES-Catalog *Excluding Graduation Theses, Master’s Theses and Credit-earning Theses for Doctoral courses
  • Hitotsubashi University research results (Department Bulletin Papers, Doctoral Theses, etc.): HERMES-IR (Hitotsubashi University Repository)
  • E-journals: Hitotsubashi University subscribed titles and Open Access Journals
  • E-books: Hitotsubashi University contracted titles and some Open Access Titles
  • Databases (Newspaper Articles, Journal Articles, Dictionary and Encyclopedia Articles, Secondary Literature Information, etc.): Hitotsubashi University contracted databases and public databases

*E-journals can be searched by journal title or article title. As with e-books, e-journals can be searched by title and ISSN/ISBN in the e-Journal / e-Book List, and an alphabetical list of titles and a list of titles by genre can be displayed. Please use this function together with HERMES-Search.
*Some databases are not included in search targets. If you have a specific purpose or field of study, you may be able to find the documents or information you are looking for by selecting and searching individual databases from the database list.

Maintenance of HERMES-Search

For product maintenance, maintenance work will be performed periodically. During this time, HERMES-Link search results will not be displayed, on the right side of the HERMES-Search search results screen or on the HERMES-Catalog search results, and electronic resources will not be accessible via HERMES-Link. The articles are still available by searching individual databases or publishers’ websites. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

In the case of maintenance that will last for a few hours, the date, time, and other details will be indicated in the information column on the right side of the HERMES-Search search results (see example of maintenance message). In case of maintenance for one day or so, it will be announced on the library website news.

Example of maintenance message