Circulation Service Guide

Checkout Limits Loan Period
Books for Study Other Books Bound Periodicals
Undergraduate Students 10 2 weeks 2 weeks 1 weeks
Graduate Students/Researchers 30 2 weeks 2 months 1 weeks
Faculty/Emeritus Professors 70 2 weeks Until the end of the academic year 1 weeks
Former Full-time Faculty/Those with Special Permission from the Chief Librarian 10 Not permitted 1 month 1 weeks
Graduate School Alumni within 5 years of leaving 10 Not permitted 1 month 1 weeks
Members of the Institute of Development Economies 10 Not permitted 1 month 1 weeks
  • Provide your User ID and desired materials, and complete the checkout procedures at the main counter.
  • Of the bound periodicals, Japanese bound periodicals in the legal field (call number ZM) cannot be borrowed.
    Please view those materials inside the library, or use the same-day checkout service (checkout and return on the same day) (Rule applies since October 2004).
  • The loan period will be extended in vacation periods. Details will be posted before vacation periods on the website and within the library.
  • Books for Study are the open-stack materials with the silver stickers, and have a set loan period for all users of 2 weeks. (Users with special (B) User IDs cannot borrow Books for Study.)

Same-day Checkout

  • Users can use materials outside the library until the library closes that day.
  • A maximum check-out limit of 5 items applies to all users.
  • Complete the procedures at the main counter, and return the materials within the library opening hours for that same day.

Unloanable Materials

As a rule, the materials listed below cannot be checked out of the library. Please view them inside the library.
However, checkout borrowing (see above) is available for copying purposes, except for video-cassettes, valuable materials and graduation/master’s theses.

  • Valuable Materials (as per the “Designated Criteria for Hitotsubashi University Library Valuable Materials & Semi-valuable Materials”)
  • Audio-visual Materials
  • Microforms
  • Special Materials (non-book materials other than those in items 2 and 3)
  • Reference Books (Encyclopedias/Dictionaries, Bibliographies/Catalogs/Indexes)
  • Almanacs/Statistics
  • Legislative Materials/Judicial Precedent Materials
  • Parliamentary Materials
  • Maps
  • Unbound Periodicals
  • Hitotsubashi University Theses
  • Hitotsubashi University Publications difficult to re-obtain
  • Materials that are stained or damaged, or in a frail condition
  • Other materials specially designated by the Director

E.g. Japanese bound periodicals in the legal field (call number ZM) ((as per decision at the 2nd library committee meeting in 2004) (in accordance with Hitotsubashi University Library Usage Regulations Item 9))


Please be sure to return borrowed books to the counter by their due date.
If you miss your due date, all borrowing privileges (including renewals) will be blocked for as many days as the book is overdue. (The Penalty is exempted within 10 days. And it’s up to 60 days.)
Users with overdue books will not be able to check out additional books.

A Return Box located at the entrance of the Library Main Building and is available 24 hours a day.

Books may be returned by mail. Please take note of the following points when returning them.
Returns by mail cannot be received on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays (including class days on holidays), summer holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays.

  • Please use a method that is traceable. (e.g., courier, Letter Pack)
  • Please wrap books in a plastic bag to prevent rain or water damage.
  • You are responsible for shipping costs.

The mailing address is as follows;
Hitotsubashi University Library, 2-1 Naka, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo 186-8602
*Please write “Returned Books" if the name of the item can be written.

Extension of Return Dates

Loan periods can be renewed using HERMES (Online Catalog). (Click here for details)
They can also be renewed conventionally at the main counter. In this case, please bring the books to be renewed to the counter where you checked them out.
Books that have been checked out at the Chiyoda Campus cannot be renewed at the counter of the Kunitachi Campus.

  • Both Kunitachi books and Chiyoda books can be renewed three times.
  • Users can continue to borrow (renew) the same book provided they meet all of the following conditions.
    • The book is within its loan period
    • The user has no other materials overdue
    • The book has not been reserved by another user
    • The number of renewals is not over the maximum
  • The new due date will be calculated from the day renewal procedures take place.

Reservations for On-loan Materials

Users can reserve on-loan materials and check their checkout/reservation status using HERMES (Online Catalog). (Click here for details)

  • Reservations cannot be made by users with special (B) User IDs or external users.
  • A reservation notice will be posted as soon as the relevant materials have been returned. An e-mail will also be sent to those users who selected that option when they made their reservation.
  • Returned materials will be set aside for a period of 7 days. After the 7 days the reservation will be canceled and the materials will be returned to the bookshelves.

When a reservation is made for a material (excluding books for study and bound periodicals) on loan to faculty or staff, we request them to cooperate by temporarily returning the material on the condition that it was borrowed over two months back.
We expect your kind understanding and cooperation.

Ordering Chiyoda Campus Library Materials

Users can request orders of materials between the library and the Chiyoda Campus Library using HERMES-Catalog. (Click here for details)
Requests can also be made conventionally at the main counter. (On weekdays until 17:00)

  • Orders take 3 or 4 days. As a rule there are 2 deliveries per week, which arrive at the library on Tuesday and Friday.
  • Users with urgent orders should inquire at the main counter.
  • Materials with the status “For library use only" cannot be ordered. (Master’s theses, doctoral dissertations, journals, newspapers, reference books, audiovisual materials, etc.)
  • The loan period is 2 weeks (renewable up to 3 times), with borrowed items included in the checkout quotas set by the library.
  • Once books have arrived, they will be set aside for a period of 7 days. After the 7 days they will be returned, so complete the checkout procedures within the 7-day period.
  • Books can also be borrowed directly, by visiting the Chiyoda Campus Library. In such cases, users should contact the library with the date and time of their expected visit in advance. (Entry procedures are required as it is in part of a national corporation building.)
  • Chiyoda Campus Library Tel: 03-4212-3014
  • Click here on using the Chiyoda Campus Library

Lost / Damaged Materials

If you lose or damage materials on loan, please submit a Lost/Damaged Report.
Please submit reimbursement materials (same edition books) within one month after submitting the Lost/Damaged Report.
If it is difficult to obtain the same book, please contact us.

Please download the Lost/Damage Report Form from the Download Forms page (*Japanese ONLY).