Use of Copyrighted Works in Class

Use of Copyrighted Works in Class

Article 35 of the Copyright Act permits “persons in charge of teaching" or “persons taking classes" to “reproduce" or “publicly transmit" copyrighted works to the extent that the action would not unreasonably prejudice the interests of the copyright owner. However, payment of the compensation described below is required for public transmission.

Compensation System for Public Transmission for Educational Purposes

Outline of the system

On April 28, 2020, Article 35 of the revised Copyright Act came into effect, and the “Compensation System for Public Transmissions for Educational Purposes" was launched. By paying compensation, educational institutions can use copyrighted works within a certain scope for public transmission without obtaining permission from the copyright holder. The University participates in the “Compensation System for Public Transmissions for Educational Purposes".

Scope of use of copyrighted works

Copyrighted works may only be used “to the extent that is found to be necessary," and may not be used in a manner that unreasonably harms the interests of the copyright owner. The scope of such use is to be determined by individual class instructors.

For details of the operation after April 2021, please refer to the following regulation.

Please note that the library does not currently make a clear judgment on questions about individual cases comply with Article 35 of the Copyright Act. We would like to inform you of the general requirements of the system and ask you to make a final decision.

Notes for using electronic resources

If you wish to use the content of e-journals, e-books, databases, etc. that the University has contracted with for your classes, you are required to decide whether or not to do so based on the respective contract, not on the Copyright Act. In some cases, use is restricted by contract. If you wish to use content from electronic resources, please consult with us in advance using the form below.

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