E-Resource Portal

This section provides information on how to search and use electronic resources.

Some electronic resources are available from off-campus. See the following page for details.

Electronic resources (e-journals, e-books, databases) contracted by the University can be accessed from the following.

HERMES-SearchSearch from the university’s print collection, e-journals, e-books, and various bibliographies. Search for articles by title and/or authors is also available.
HERMES-CatalogSearch the library’s print collection. E-books can also be searched. You can search for journal titles, but not for journal articles or their authors.
e-Journal / e-Book ListYou can search by title or ISSN/ISBN. You can also display an alphabetical title list or a title list by genre.
Database ListYou can search databases by title, purpose, or field.
  • If the full text of an article or other electronic resource is available, a page providing the full text or a navigation page “HERMES-Link" will be displayed to guide you to the electronic resource.
  • For details on HERMES-Link, please refer to the Research Guide “002 How to find articles" (page 2).

Notes on the Use of Electronic Resources 【IMPORTANT】

  • Use of electronic resources is limited to members of the University.
  • The following acts are prohibited by contract. If not, the service of Hitotsubashi University as a whole may be suspended. Please, do not download unnecessarily, and download only the literature necessary for your research at the time, to the extent that you can read it.
    • Downloading by using programs such as crawlers, robots, or automatic downloading software including browser extensions.
    • Downloading large amounts of data in bulk or continuously, even manually, in a short period of time that exceeds the scope of personal use.
    • Use for any purpose other than personal academic research and education
    • Redistribution to third parties
    • Other unauthorized access
  • The provider of the electronic resource monitors the usage of the system. If the provider issues a warning or requests an investigation of usage, the Library may conduct an interview with the relevant user.
  • For details on the terms of use of each content, please refer to the terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions, User Agreement, etc.) on each provider’s site.
  • Especially in the case of remote access, if a large amount of data is downloaded or displayed on the browser, the error message “Error: Your account is currently suspended, due to usage exceeding currently set limits." will be displayed and remote access will become unavailable. If you see this message, please wait for about an hour before trying to access again. If you still see this error screen, please use the contact form to inform us of the error message, the name of the electronic resource you used, and how you used it.

Large Volume Access/Downloading by the browser’s “prefetch function”

If you have turned on the “prefetch function” provided by your web browser, links on the page will be repeatedly accessed in the background, and as a result, it may be judged that you have accessed/downloaded a large number of pages without you being aware of it. Please disable this function by changing the setting of your browser when using electronic resources.

How to disable the prefetch function in each browser

Below are the procedures for typical browsers. If you do not see the browser procedure you are using, please check the relevant browser information and take the appropriate action.

  • Microsoft Edge : Click the settings icon and go to “Settings” > “Cookies and site permissions” > “Manage and delete cookies and site data” > Turn off “Preload pages for faster browsing and searching”
  • Google Chrome : Click the settings icon and go to“Settings” > “Performance” > Turn off “Preload pages”
  • Safari (Mac) : The menu bar “Safari” > “Preferences” > In the “Search” tab, uncheck the box “Preload Top Hits in the Background”
  • Safari (iOS) : Open “Settings” > “Safari” > “Search” > Set “Preload Top Hit” to off
  • Mozilla Firefox : Type “about:config” in the address bar and press Enter. > When the warning message “This might void your warranty” appears, click “I accept the risk.” > Search for and display “network.prefetch-next” in the configuration screen and double-click to set it to “false.”

Notes on Searching for Electronic Journals

When searching in the e-Journal/e-Book list, you cannot search by article title or author name, but you can use the “Search inside this journal" search box on the search results screen to search for articles published in that e-journal.

The volume number you are looking for may be outside the scope of our contract. If the e-journal you are looking for is not a hit or you cannot access the volume issue you wish to read, please see below.

When you cannot find e-Journal

Searching for library holdings

Even if the university does not subscribe to an e-journal, it may have a paper magazine. Paper magazines can be searched using HERMES-Search and HERMES-Catalog.

Visiting other universities or requesting a photocopy

If you can’t find the e-journal or paper magazine in the library, please consider the following options.