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Main Building / Periodicals Annex

Main Building Periodicals Annex

Foreign Bound Periodicals ZCM:16-ZSN
Group Study Rooms


Microform Materials
Audio-Visual Materials
Valuable Materials
Optical Disk Materials

Foreign Bound Periodicals ZAA-ZCM:15
Japanese Bound Periodicals ZL-ZY, ZYK


Kunitachi Classification Japanese (A and Lc in the Stack Area)
Japanese 0000-2990,4000-9900 (2928, Extra Large in BF)
Foreign 3300-9900 (3505-3590 in the Stack Area)

Japanese Bound Periodicals ZA-ZK


Japanese 3000-3908 (3505-3590 in the Stack Area)
Pocket Editions
Language Dictionaries
Corner for Donated Books Written by University Faculty
University History Corner

Group Study Rooms
Reading Room

Newspaper Pocket Editions (Nikkei/Asahi/Mainichi/Yomiuri, others)
Japanese and Foreign Newspapers (including Chinese/Korean)
Japanese White Papers (Government Publications only)
Japanese Statistics Books (partial collection)
EU Information Center


Reference Books
Zenshiro Takamoto Grant Library Corner
Reading Space (Yomocca)
“Sanju" Memorial Collection
Audio-visual Corner
Information Search Corner
Printers (card-type)
Copy Machines (coin-type/card-type)

Japanese/Foreign Current Periodicals
Japanese/Foreign Newspapers
Kodaira Classification Japanese

Copy Machines (card-type)


Kunitachi Classification Foreign B-P (Lc in the Stack Area, Mb and Mc in BF of the Periodicals Annex) Kodaira Classification Foreign 000-999, Japanese Extra Large Foreign
Stack Code 0000-3299
IIR Classification Large and Extra Large Japanese V-W

Chinese/Korean Books (Kunitachi Classification Y)
Japanese Legislative Materials/Judicial Precedent Materials
Foreign Legislative Materials/Judicial Precedent Materials/Parliamentary Materials
Japanese Extra-large Bound Newspapers
Foreign Extra-large Bound Newspapers
Japanese Books (IIR Classification A-S)

Stack Areas

2nd Stack 3rd Stack
4F Kunitachi Classification Foreign R , S Hitotsubashi University Materials

(Aa:10, Az, Aza, Azaa (Doctoral Theses), Azb, Azc, Periodicals, Kodaira Classification 080-089)

Special Collection Nishikawa

Special Collection

Ito Family Collection, Gunpai Kumiai (distributor of scrip-purchased commodities) Materials, Osogi Mura Town Hall Documents, Kodaira Meiji Collection, Miura, Meiji

Axr (Rare Books)
Hanging Scrolls
3F Kunitachi Classification

Foreign Q (except for Qfq)

Special Collection Ueda, Otsuka, Kan, Takeshita, Toike, Nakauchi, Narumi, Fukasawa, Murase, Muramatsu, Rachi, Carnegie, Spanish Civil War, Bressy, Lexis, Contemporary Eastern European History Materials (Large Books)
Hanging Scrolls (Kodaira Classification)Kunitachi Classification (Separate Location) , Kodaira Classification (Separate Location), Stack Code (Separate Location)

Kunitachi Classification

Foreign Aa-Ae, Qfq

Special Collection

Aikyo, Akimoto, Aoyama, Ishihara, Obase, Kishino, Osaka, Sano, Tsuchiya, Statistics, Yamauchi, Yamanaka, Nikaido, Graduate School, Schumpeter, Moeller, Europe

Special Collection

COE Welfare Economics Library

Semi-valuable Materials


Special Collection

Contemporary Eastern European History Materials, Nakayama, Fujii, Foster, Italian Unification (Risorgimento)

Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral Theses
NYK Accounting Records

Statistics Books (Kunitachi Classification Lc, Stack Code 3505-3590)

Open Stack Classification Books, Kunitachi Classification Japanese A, IIR Classification Foreign, Securities Reports, Otomo

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