Contact us about book donations

For those who may donate books to our library

We appreciate for your kindness.
Considering ‘Donations policy’ (Japanese only), we receive

  • materials which are usable for research and study in our university
  • materials which are related to the history of Hitotsubashi University and education and/or research activity


  1. Faculty and staff (including the former faculty and staffs), students, graduates.
  2. University, Company, Organization etc.

Currently it is difficult to receive all donated books because there are not enough spaces. See the focal points below, and donate books only if you agree with them. In case you would like to declutter your books, also consider Hitotsubashi University Used Book Fundraising (Japanese page).

The process of donation

○less than 4 books
Send books with ‘Books Donation Application Form’ (Japanese only) and the catalog of books donation to the following address
〒186-8602 2-1, Naka, Kunitachi City Tokyo
Hitotsubashi University Library Acquisition Section
※We ask donors to pay shipping cost.
※If you are university member, you can also donate books directly at the Library Main Counter (9:30-17:00 for weekdays).

○more than 5 books
Tell the number of books and areas of books via the form beforehand, The library contacts you later.

Focal Points for Donation

The Library decides propriety of acceptance and handling of donated books. Leave them all to the Library.

  • Generally, we do not receive books such as:
    • The books which are in the Library (*You can check if the Library has the book via HERMES-Catalog)
    • It is in poor physical condition (i.e. water damage, writing on pages, torn and/or missing pages)
    • Books which the Library does not collect
      Even if the books meet criteria, the Library may not receive books because of the lack of space.
  • We do not inform you whether we keep or discard them.
  • We do not return books even though they are discarded.
     (Declined books may donated to ‘Hitotsubashi University Used Books Fundraising’ or to ‘Team Enno Shita,’ Hitotsubashi University Students Club for Used Books.)
  • The accepted books may be located in other libraries (Institute Economic Research Library, Research Center for Information and Statics of Social Sciences, Chiyoda Campus Library, Hitotsubashi University History Archives etc.).
  • The received books may be discarded because of change in acquisition and conservation policy.

As a general rule, we do not send thank-you letter or receipt.

【Acquisition Section】

Contact us

Use this form if you would like to donate more than 5 books. Fill in the message fields to tell the number of books and which area. The library contacts you later.

The information you filled in is used in the process of donation, or for contact, creating statistics. It will not be used for any other purposes.

Personal information is appropriately treated based on Hitotsubashi University Personal Information Protection Policy(No. 45, March 25, 2022)(Japanese page)

【Acquisition Section】

Press the ‘Confirm’ button and proceed confirmation page. The request has not sent yet. Make sure to press ‘send’ button.
Auto-reply message will be sent when the request was received correctly. If you do not receive auto-reply, please check spam folder. If you still do not find the message, please contact us via lib-tosho● ● to @ ).

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