Book Purchase Requests


Faculty and students can request books (also electoral books) for education and research via Faculty/Student purchase requests. Books purchased are ‘library assets’ which is available for all users of the Library.

  • Before sending request, make sure to check if the books are in the library with HERMES-Catalog or card catalog. Book purchase request is not available for books which the library already has.
  • Put the information of the books (ISBN, Author, and date of publication) as much detail as possible. The luck of information may lead to longer time before the books become available or accidental order.
  • It takes one month for Japanese books, two or three months for foreign books, and two or three weeks for eBooks before the books become available.
  • The price of eBooks is three times as high as Japanese paper books, 1.5times to twice as high as foreign paper books(hardback edition).
  • Even though the book is available for individual clients, the Library cannot purchase if it is not for academic institutions. Generally, the Library purchases single-user access.
  • If the materials you need are unavailable in the Library, you may user other libraries. Please refer to 'Reachout’.
  • Purchase request is only available for the person themselves.

You can check email message from the library about the request such as cancellation from here.

How to send request

For Faculty >>Faculty Purchase Request

Please send request via MyLibrary.
Only faculty can apply for book purchase requests by submitting catalog of book store or advertisement. Please show acquisition section the information about the books you need. If you need to reserve the books or notice when the books become available, please let us know.

About Faculty Purchase Request

※After the budget allocation for FY2023 is decided, we will start accepting requests for FY2023.

※Purchased books is stocked in the Library. eBooks are available for all university members. Ask each department office about books for individual use, or purchase request with individual research expense.
※You can send requests books for lectures. For more details, see Purchase Request for Course Materials.

For Students>>Student Purchase Request

Please send request via MyLibrary.

About Student Purchase Request

※For more details, see here(Japanese page).

Books (eBooks) Purchase Request is available for undergraduate and graduate students. The order period is between April 1st and the end of January in next year.
The limitation of numbers and prices of books for one person in the period as follows. Books and eBooks are purchased within the limitation.
Notice: because of the budget for the Library, purchase request may be declined although you do not reach the limitation.

PositionNumber of itemsPrice
Undergraduate Students15 30,000 yen
Graduate Students30100,000 yen
Propriety of Request

The Library check propriety of the request by students. The request may be declined due to contents of the book or budget. In general rule, purchase request is not available for books such as:

  • Books for entertainment, how-to book
  • Popular contents
  • Periodical Books such as magazines
  • Loose leaves material
  • Children’s Book, Manga, Picture Book
  • Textbooks for bar exam
  • Books for advertising ritual communities or political communities.
  • Other cheap books which should be bought personally.

Expensive books such as the collected edition may need recommendation by an academic adviser.

Book Purchase Request via MyLibrary

MyLibrary is digital service for Hitotsubashi University members. For more details, see ‘Using MyLibrary’. You need Ikkyo ID (ID, PW) to use MyLibrary.
Faculty Purchase Request via MyLibrary is available only for full time faculty members or assistants. Students Purchase Request is available for undergraduate and graduate students in Hitotsubashi University.

How to use the service

  1. Go to MyLibrary (Login to MyLibrary from here)
  2. Enter your ID and password.
  3. Click ‘Purchase Request’ in the category of ‘User Service.’
  4. Enter the needed information and click ‘Send’ at the end.
  5. Please check your order in the confirmation page and click ‘OK’. Now your order is completed.

※If this service is not usable, ‘purchase request’ does not display.


You can enter your email address which the library uses to send messages when books are ready to use, or there are things to confirm. Please enter email address you use. If you selected ‘None’ the Library does not send email message when the books become available. If there are things to confirm in that case, the Library contacts you via email address you registered to the Library system. As for email from the Library, see also ‘E-mail Notification from the Library’.

Priority Lending

If you would like to reserve the purchase book, make sure to select ‘necessary’ when you send request.
※If you selected ‘necessary’, the Library send you email message when the book is ready. Furthermore, the book is kept in the counter for 7 opening days.
※reservation is available for paper books. If your eBooks order is declined and the order shifted to paper books, choose if you make a reservation.

Materials Format

Choose the form of materials. Even if you ordered eBooks, eBooks may not be available. In that case, the paper books are ordered instead. See here if you would like to request eBooks in ProQuest Ebook Central.

Information for Status of Requested Books

You can check the status of requested books via MyLibrary ‘check status of purchase.’ You can use the books in few days after the status became ‘available.’
For those who requested email messages to tell the book is ready, the Library sends ‘notice for availability’ message when the books are available.

Cancellation of the order

‘Check status of purchase’ in MyLibrary becomes ‘cancel’ when your request is declined. You can check the reason of cancellation in detail page.
For those who requested email message, ‘notice for cancellation’ will be send.
Your request may be declined for the following reasons:

  • Books which cannot be purchased because they are out of stock or out of print.
  • Books which are already in Hitotsubashi University Library or in the process of order.
  • Books which does not live up to the criteria for purchase.

※Also, the request may be declined due to budget.

eBooks purchase request via ProQuest Ebook Central

  1. Firstly, send book purchase request via MyLibrary.
  2. Secondly, fill in the request form via ProQuest Ebook Central.

Put your name, email address, and confirmation of email address, Receipt number you got in MyLibrary.
※You can choose any options ‘Requested Access.’ (Generally, the library purchases single-user access)

  • Notice for Propriety of Requests
    After the request is received, the Library check if it lives up to purchase criteria. The result is send from ProQuest( to the email address you entered in ProQuest request form.
    ※For the matter of convenience, different digital platform may be chosen.

※It is not allowed that people who are not entitled to send purchase request. (To be exact, they can send request but the Library won’t purchase the books)

How to use ProQuest Ebook Central (in Japanese)
p5 “eBooks purchase request via ProQuest Ebook Central"

Purchase Request for Course Materials

Hitotsubashi University Library has textbooks or reference books for lectures.
Please send requests via MyLibrary menu ‘Purchase Request for Course Materials’.

Who can use this service?

Lecturers who teach in Hitotsubashi University
※this service is available also for part-time lecturers.
If you cannot login to MyLibrary since you are not officially assigned yet, see here

Books you can request

  • Books on the syllabus
  • Books mentioned in the lecture


  • Generally, the Library stocks textbooks and reference books on the syllabus, though it takes times before these books become available due to the survey. In case you cannot find them via HERMES-Catalog, please send purchase request.
  • It takes one month for Japanese Books, two or three months for Foreign Books, and two weeks for eBooks before they are available.
  • Books for lectures (paper books) are categorized as ‘Books for Study’ and loan period is two weeks. You can also select these books as reserve book. Reserve book is located in the first floor and banned from being checked out.
    →For more information, see here(Japanese page).
  • You can also request books which will be located in Chiyoda Campus Library.
  • Purchase request may be declined due to lack of budget or because the book is out of stock, out of print. The library may not buy certain kinds of books such as textbooks for studying foreign language.

For those who cannot login to MyLibrary because you are not appointed to Hitotsubashi University yet

Please send purchase requests with email. (see below)
○Subtitle: Purchase Request for Course Materials
○Required Information
・Department you belong to
・email address
・information on book (Title/Author/ISBN)
・The name of Lecture
・The library which the books should be located (Hitotsubashi University Library or Chiyoda Campus Library)
Acquisition Section
lib-tosho● ● to @ )