Important Points

  • Please be quiet inside the library.
  • Users who disturb others or fail to abide by instructions from library staff may be denied use of the library.
  • Keep your wallet/purse, valuables and user ID on you at all times.
  • Eating, drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited.
    ※Drinks in sealable containers such as PET bottles are permitted.
  • In principle, photography is prohibited. If you need to take pictures, please contact us.
  • Return viewed materials to their original locations. If this is not possible, please leave them on a return stand.
  • Use electronic equipment such as mobile phones and PCs in the designated areas only.
  • Do not write on materials.
  • Remove any Post-it notes or slips you have attached to materials before returning them.


The following behaviors will result in the imposition of penalties based on Article 18 of the Library Usage By-laws. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in creating a comfortable library environment.

Overdue All borrowing privileges (including renewals) will be blocked for as many days as the book is overdue. (The Penalty is exempted within 10 days. And it’s up to 60 days.)
Lending/transfer/receipt of User IDBorrowing prohibited for one week
Lending of materialsBorrowing prohibited for one week
Taking out materials without permissionLibrary use prohibited for one month (Library entry prohibited)
Significant violation of Article 17 of the Library Usage Regulations (Observance of Conditions) Asked to leave the library, and library use prohibited for a proportionate period of time

Library Usage Regulations Article 17 (Observance of Conditions)

Users must observe the following conditions except when otherwise determined by the Director of the library.

  1. Users must not damage library materials, equipment or furnishings.
  2. Users must keep quiet.
  3. Users must not eat, drink or smoke.
  4. Users must not leave materials, equipment or personal items unattended.
  5. Users must not solicit, engage in public speaking, display or sell goods, or distribute or post flyers of any kind without the Director’s permission.
  6. Users must not behave in a manner that disturbs other users.