Searching the Card Catalog

Not all materials acquired before FY1990 are in HERMES-Catalog. If you cannot find an item using HERMES-Catalog, please search the card catalog. It is located near the browsing area on the 1st floor of the main building.

The usual procedure is to search for Japanese books by title, and foreign books by author.

Card catalog information is not updated. Since call numbers given in the card catalog may not be accurate, please check HERMES-Catalog as well when searching.

Types of Card Catalogs

Material TypeArrangementLast Updated
Japanese books in the Kunitachi Classification
(divided between 1966 onwards and 1965 and earlier)
Alphabetically by title and author (or co-author)February
Japanese books in the Kodaira ClassificationAlphabetically by titleFebruary
Chinese classics and Chinese booksAlphabetically by Japanese reading of title/author (co-author)
Main Building Classification code order
Korean booksIIn Hangul Ganada order by title and author
Alphabetically for items translated into Japanese
(including master’s theses and credit-earning theses for doctoral courses)
Divided by department, and then arranged alphabetically by authorFebruary
Foreign books in the Kunitachi Classification or Kodaira ClassificationAlphabetically by author (co-author)February
Russian booksAlphabetically by author (co-author)1993

※Japanese titles and authors are romanized using the Hepburn system.

※As a rule, Japanese and Chinese books are arranged in character order, while foreign books are arranged in alphabetical order.

※Some foreign books may be arranged by title when the names of the author(s) are uncertain or multiple.

How to Read the Cards

The call number is written in the top left-hand corner of the card. This code will show you where the material is located. >>Floor Guide

※ Items marked with a “研” or “産研” stamp are held by the Institute of Economic Research Library and Institute of Innovation Research (collection inherited from the former Division of Industrial Management Research ) respectively.
After February 2017, books formerly located in the Institute of Innovation Research have been shelved in the University Library. Back issues of periodicals of the Institute have been shelved in the Kodaira Research Library and Archives.

Sample Card (Japanese Book)

Sample Card (Foreign Book)