Use of PCs in the Library

User Internet Terminals

PCs are an indispensable item when it comes to writing reports and theses. The library provides computers in an effort to enrich the learning-support environment utilizing library materials and databases. For more information on PCs, please click here.


  • Main Building 1st Floor Computer Workstation (48 terminals)

How to Use the Terminals

Important Points

  • Do not leave any bags/items unattended at your seat
  • Terminals will automatically shut down after 15 minutes of inactivity (terminals will lock after 10 minutes, and then automatically shut down after a further 5 minutes)
  • Documents being worked on when an automatic shutdown takes place will not be auto-saved
  • Please note that any files saved on the local computer, such as desktop, will be auto-deleted after system shutdown, so be sure to save files to Google Drive, USB memory sticks or similar devices
  • Please borrow an external optical drive at the counter to use a CD-ROM/DVD-ROM
  • Printing is charged for. Use a University CO-OP pre-paid copy card. Please refer to the relevant item below about using card-operated printers
  • Headphone jack available on the front of the terminal. If headphones are not available, you can borrow them at the counter
    ※Take care that the sound cannot be heard by others around you when using headphones
  • If the computer workstation area is crowded, more terminals available in the Information Education Building

Inquiries Regarding Use of Electronic Equipment

  • Please inquire at the Main Building 1st Floor Help Desk. No inquiries will be handled on weekdays after 17:00 or on weekends
  • Please click here for information on IT/Computer supportsee

Open Access Floor

Wireless LAN

The university-wide wireless LAN service “1284 Wireless" (Wi-Fi Wireless LAN) can be used in the following locations in the library:

  • Main Building Basement Floor
  • Main Building 1st Floor
  • Main Building 2nd Floor
  • Reading Room
  • Main Building 3rd Floor
  • Periodicals Annex 1st Floor
  • Periodicals Annex 2nd Floor
  • Periodicals Annex 4th Floor
  • Periodicals Annex 5th Floor
  • Clock Tower Commons

You Will Need

How to Connect

Click here to see how to connect.

Card-operated Printers

Information Search Corner PCs

Card-operated Printers(image)

Card-operated printers can be used from Information Search Corner PCs

You Will Need

Using the Printers

  • Select a printer on your PC from the following two options:
    • Reference Books (North)-side black/white printers:front
    • Periodicals Annex (South)-side color printers:back
  • After pressing “OK" on the print screen, a “Queue User ID" column will be displayed. Please enter a combination of letters/numbers
  • If you don’t wish to have other people print by accident, please enter a voluntary PIN number(may be left blank)
  • Press the “ID Print" button on the large touch-panel on the output printer
  • Selecting the “Queue User ID" you entered earlier and pressing “Document Confirmation/Print" will output the document, so select and press “Print"
  • Selecting “No Deletion After Printing will make re-printing possible
  • Even if No Deletion After Printing is selected, print information will be deleted after a period of 23 hours


Driver for Card-operated Printers

A driver for card-operated printers can be installed on PCs brought into the library.
Please see here for details.

Locations for Use of Electronic Equipment, etc.

Power location

Please use the outlets near the reading seats.

  • Reading Room
  • Main Building 1-3 Floor
  • Periodicals Annex 4-5 Floor
  • Clock Tower Commons
    *Due to the number is limited, please refrain from occupying.
    *Do not use the outlets connected to the provided equipement.

Quiet Zone

Periodicals Annex 3rd Floor is “Quiet Zoon". Please refrain from using electronic equipment.

Electronic Equipment refers to

  • PCs
  • Calculators
  • Electronic dictionaries
  • Portable music players
  • Mobile phones
  • Other information terminals


  • Do not talk on mobile phones in the library.
  • Do not have online meetings in the library.
  • When you join the online classes require to speak, please go to the “Classroom exclusively for online classes".


  • Hitotsubashi University will not be responsible for any trouble or loss/damage arising from the use of user internet terminals.
  • As a rule, no refunds will be made for items output to card-operated printers once they have been output, circumstances notwithstanding, with the sole exception noted below.
    • Measures for refund may be taken in instances where the printer itself is clearly malfunctioning, such as when excessive lines are present on printed material. Take the printed material and copy card and inquire at the University CO-OP.