“BELL" is a public relations magazine launched by Hitotsubashi University Library for proactive, effective and focused promotion of its activities and services as a library with character in the competitive, post-corporatization environment, and as a symbol of Hitotsubashi University’s academic information base. The magazine was named by incorporating the desire for “BETTER LIBRARY LETTERS" and including the motif showing its inheritance of the spirit and theme of the now out-of-print library newsletter “Kane", which means “bell" in Japanese. With its motto of “speedy reporting" it will be published frequently, so please feel free to send in any opinions or topics that seem appropriate.

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BELL No.239

No.239 2023/9/13 issued

BELL No.239

BELL No.238

No.238 2023/9/13 issued

BELL No.238

画像:BELL No.237

No.237 2023/7/10 issued

BELL No.237

BELL No.236

No.236 2023/6/13 issued

BELL No.236

画像:BELL No.235

No.235 2023/5/24 issued

BELL No.235

画像:BELL No.234

No.234 2023/5/15 issued

BELL No.234

画像:BELL No.233

No.233 2023/4/11 issued

BELL No.233

画像:BELL No.232

No.232 2023/3/31 issued

BELL No.232

画像:BELL No.231

No.231 2023/3/23 issued

BELL No.231

No.230 2023/2/16 issued

BELL No.230

BELL No.229

No.229 2023/1/24 issued

BELL No.229

BELL No.228

No.228 2022/12/6 issued

BELL No.228

BELL No.227

No.227 2022/10/24 issued

BELL No.227

BELL No.226

No.226 2022/11/11 issued

BELL No.226

画像:BELL No.225

No.225 2022/10/24 issued

BELL No.225

BELL No. 224

No.224 2022/10/17 issued

BELL No.224

BELL No. 223

No.223 2022/10/17 issued

BELL No.223

画像:BELL No. 222

No.222 2022/9/27 issued

BELL No.222

画像:BELL No. 221

No.221 2022/9/20 issued

BELL No.221

BELL No. 220

No.220 2022/9/6 issued

BELL No.220


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