Otsuka Kinnosuke Related Materials

How collected and organized

 Most part of Otsuka Kinnosuke Related Materials were transferred from Prof. Tsuduki Chushichi’s Laboratory to the Library. They started to organize the materials in Heisei 19th(2007) when Hitotsubashi University supporters’ association subsidized. The Catalog was created in accordance with provenance and original order. Part of documents is not open to public in accordance with handling instruction of Otsuka Kinnosuke Related Materials.

 From April Heisei 20th to December 21st, Fukuzawa Tetsuzo was in charge of the organization, Aoki Yoko, Otaka Shunichiro and Sato Yoshihiro were so between January and March Heisei 22nd , and then Otaka Shunichiro did between April Heisei 22nd and March Heisei 24th.

A bibliographical introduction and an explanatory note

Catalogs(March 2012 ver)

Catalog of Otsuka Kinnnosuke Related Materials

 分類別1 刊行物
 分類別2 通信物
 分類別3 印刷物
 分類別4 手稿類(Link to images)
 分類別5 書類
 分類別6 切抜
 分類別7 画像・音声記録
 分類別8 収納
 分類別9 目録
 分類別10 その他


HERMES-IR (digital images of documents are available)

Related Information

※These documents were listed on the digital archive, Researchers’ Manuscripts.


『大塚金之助著作集』 (全10巻) 岩波書店、1980~1981年

Research Articles

金沢幾子 「大塚文庫について」 『大塚会会報』18、 1991年


Handling instruction of Otsuka Kinnosuke Related Materials


The Library Rare Materials Room 【Ot】

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