Catalog of Okada Family Documents(Draft)

How collected and organized

Okada Family lend their documents to Hitotsubashi University since the former professor of Hitotsubashi University, Sasaki Junnosuke(1929-2004) used them for his research(provisional contract in 1978, contract in 1992). Prof. Sasaki and his students organized the documents and its Catalog “Catalog of Okada Family Documents”(Hitotsubashi University Social Sciences Department Sasaki Laboratory) was issued. This Catalog mainly includes books. After the issue, they continued to organize papers and edited the handwritten Catalog for them. The Library officially bought these Catalogs in August 2001.

In August 2001, Okada Family endowed other documents. With prof. Watanabe Takashi advices, staffs from the Library and postgraduate students created the Catalog for the rest documents. In order to clarify provenance and original order, the number was allotted to each box which was used for documents when the Library received them. In accordance with the number, they organized the documents. (カードの作成要領は目録作成要項による。)After 2001, the Library continues to receive documents from Fujiidera City History Compilation Committee and so on. We keep the organization updated as we received them.

As shown above, the way of organization depends on how and when documents were received. For now there is each Catalog for each group. (see below)

Ⅰ.Documents organized by Sasaki Laboratory

Ⅱ.Documents organized by Watanabe Laboratory

List of endowed documents 1(box1)

List of endowed documents 2(from box 2 to box 8)

List of endowed documents 3(from box 9 to box 28)

List of endowed documents 4(from box 29 to box 42)

List of endowed documents 5(from box 43 to box 58,box 100, other bag)

List of deposited documents

List of additional purchase documents

List of received documents from Fujiidera City History Compilation Committee


Related Information

Initial character List
A〜Z Catalog
皆済目録 Handwritten Catalog
1〜58 List of endowed documents 1~5
旧キ List of deposited documents
コ追 List of additional purchase documents
市史 List of received documents from Fujiidera City History Compilation Committee
No symbol・code classification etc KosatsuOthers