E-resources accessible from off-campus (updated April 8)

Here are some e-resources that are available from off-campus. Please use them for your research and study at home.
We will keep this page updated.

How to Use

Please be sure to log in to MyLibrary with your Hitotsubashi authentication ID before using this service.
For basic usage, please see Remote Access.

The licensed e-resources that can be accessed from off-campus

E-resources accessible for a limited time as a trial from off-campus

  • D1-Law [added July 29, 2020] [updated October 1, 2021]
    • A comprehensive database of laws and legal precedents in Japan.
    • ID and Password are necessary to access from off campus.
    • ID and Password issued in 2020 are still available.
    • If you need new ID and Password, please contact us from here.
    • Period: – March 31, 2022
  • eol [added June 16, 2020] [updated March 24, 2021]
    • A database of corporate information such as securities reports, financial statements, and financial data.
    • *Off-campus access is available for a limited time.
    • Number of simultaneous accesses: 2. Please log out when you finish using.
  • JSTOR ( e-journals) [added April 20, 2020] [updated May 11, 2021]
    • Archives of e-journals in various fields.
    • Period for e-journals: – June 30, 2022
    • *Using contents not contracted by the University is available for a limited time.
  • LEX/DB INTERNET [added May 19, 2020] [updated August 4, 2020]
    • The database of Japanese judicial precedent.
    • *Japanese Only
    • Period: – March 31, 2022
    • Number of simultaneous accesses: 10. Please log out when you finish using.
  • NikkeiNEEDS-FinancialQUEST [updated September 2, 2021]
    • The database that allows you to download various data from Nikkei Inc.’s Comprehensive Economic Data Bank System in Excel format from the web.
    • If you would like to obtain an ID and password that can be used from off-campus, please click here (Japanese Only) for information on the usage environment and other details before applying.
    • Period: – March 31, 2022
  • Oxford Scholarship Online EBA [added April 28, 2020] [updated July 1, 2021]
    • E-books (excluding handbooks) published by Oxford University Press. It covers 27 fields from humanities and social sciences to medical sciences. Read more.
    • Period: – January 31, 2022
    • * All titles are available including contents not contracted by the university for a limited time.
  • ProQuest Primary Resources [added September 1, 2021][End of trial period]
  • Taylor & Francis eBooks [added May 13, 2020] [updated April 8, 2022]
    • More than 100,000 eBooks from a variety of publishers are available, including Routledge for the humanities and social sciences, and CRC Press for the science and technology sector.
    • Period: – April 30, 2022
    • *All titles are available for a limited time including contents not contracted by the university.
    • *Titles in the trial are not available for download in PDF, but only for online viewing and printing.
  • Haver Analytics [added May 24, 2021] [updated June 3, 2021][End of trial period]
    • Haver Analytics has 250+ databases from over 1350 government and private sources. please click here.
    • Period: -July 25, 2021 (Sunday)
    • Please apply from Google Classroom


  • Use of electronic resources is limited to members of the University.
  • The following acts are prohibited by contract. If not, the service of Hitotsubashi University as a whole may be suspended.
    • Downloading large amounts of data collectively or continuously using automatic download software, etc.
    • Use for any purpose other than personal academic research and education
    • Redistribution to third parties
    • Other unauthorized access
  • For details on the terms of use of each content, please refer to the terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions, User Agreement, etc.) on each provider’s site.