Reserved Books

There is a “Reserve-Book-Corner" in front of the circulation counter on the first floor.
This corner holds books that have been assigned by faculty members for the classes.
You can read these books only in the library and cannot check them out. Please share the books with others.

For Faculty

To apply placing books in the “Reserve-Book-Corner", please email us as follows.

  • title: Reserved Books
  • address: Library Circulation Section
    lib-service-order at (please replace “at" with “@".)
  • Required information:
    • Applicant’s name (name of instructor in charge of the class)
    • Course name
    • Quarter (spring quarter, spring-summer quarter, etc.)
    • Bibliographic information (book title, author, etc.)
    • Barcord number of the book

*Unless otherwise specified, the latest edition will be placed in the Reserve-Book-Corner.
*If there are some same books, only one book will be placed in the Reserve-Book-Corner.
*The term is based on the quarter in which the course is offered. Spring (end of May), Summer (end of July), Autumn (end of October), Winter (end of January)

If you would like to use a book that is not in our collection as a Reserved Books, please request from MyLibrary and write type “Reserved Books" in the comment.
For details, please refer to Book Purchase Requests.