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 The materials about Fudasashi, merchants who accepted and sold Hourokumai given to Hatamoto and Gokenin of Edo Shogunate.

 Hitotsubashi University Library calls documents related to Fudansashi which were donated by someone and were bought at secondhand book store “Materials about Fudasashi.” The total amount is not clear because some part of documents have not organized yet, however, there are 248 documents as far as organized. The documents were classified respecting for provenance.

The best known materials about Fudasashi is “Fudasashi Ziryaku” which includes Fudasashi Nakama related documents from Kyoho 9th (1724), when Fudasahi Nakama founded, to Bunka 12th (1815). For “Fudasashi Ziryaku,” 35vol and 38 books of 札差会所備付本 were created, and then 6 copies of them were created for Ichiban Gumi to Rokuban Gumi. Only 4copies, 札差会所備付本(completed), Ichibangumi hon(completed), and Yonbangumi hon(only 11books), Gobangumi hon(only 11 books), remain now. Hitotsubashi University has three of them, 札差会所備付本, Ichibangumi hon, and Gobangumi hon.


 Materials about Fudasashi in Hitotsubashi University were donated or bought from 8 places.

 Its origin is as follows

1.Documents in possession of Aochi Family

Aochi Genzaburo, who studied at Higher Commercial School and graduated from Higher Commercial School Senkobu in Meiji 34th (1901), made two donations at January 21st Taisho 4th (1915) and June 12th Showa 8th(1933). One books of “Fudasashi Ziryaku” Gobangumi hon was donated at first time, and then 184 management documents of Iseya Ikujiro family, Iseya Sojiro Family, and Iseya Soemon Family at second time. Iseya Ikujiro Family, Iseya Sojiro Famiy and Iseya Soemon Family are relatives of Aochi Family but it is unknown why Aochi family donated management documents of some Fudasashi.

2.Documents in possession of Ito Family

Mr. Ito Ken from the former Fudasashi Izumiya Genbe Family made two donations at June 29th in Taisho 4th (1915), and October 1st Showa 10th (1935). “Fudasashi Ziryaku” 札差会所備付本 and documents related to Fudasashi Nakama, 35 books, were donated at first time and for second time, 19 management documents of Iseya Ikujiro Family were donated. It is unknown why Mr. Ito, who are from Izumiya Genbe Family, donated management documents of Iseya Ikujiro Family.

3.Documents in possession of Deguchi Family

Mr. Deguchi Seishichi from the former Fudasashi Iseya Seishichi Family donated them at June 29th Taisho 4th (1915). It includes two documents, “Fudasashi Ziryaku” Ichibangumi hon and “Okuranosimatsu,” which is about history of komegura of Shogunate.

4.Documents in possession of Hosoya Family

Mr. Hosoya Tashichi from the former Izumiya Tashichi Family donated them at April 28th in Taisho 4th (1915). It includes three documents; “御蔵御場所見廻組合割付,” the list of Fudasashi Nakama in Genji 2nd (Keio 1st, 1865) and two Fudasashi Nakama explanatory documents written by Mr. Hosoya.

5.Documents in possession of Murabayashi Family

Mr. Murabayashi Sennosuke from the former Fudasashi Iseya Shirobe Family, who was the assistant professor of Tokyo University of Commerce at that time donated御張紙之控at October 23rd Showa 8th(1933). In addition, his father Kenzo also teaches at Commercial Training School and Higher Commercial School.

6.Bought documents

Bought each documents at June 6th in Meiji 35th(1902), August 6th Taisho 7th (1918), July 28th Taisho 8th (1919). It is uncertain that who possessed them. For convenience, all documents categorized as “bought documents.”

How organized

 Call number 貴:xx was allotted to Materials about Fudasashi as a part of Rare materials before. However, they were reclassified again in accordance with publishers in order to keep them in the digital archive. Other important information about how they were organized are as shown below

  • Historical documents labelled貴: 289 are classified in accordance with its contents, and some documents are kept in form of Kakejiku. It is unknown why they were organized and some of them are kept as Kakejiku.
  • Historical documents labelled貴:298 were organized by Mr. Kitahara Susumu in Rissho University (at that time) and Mr. Sueoka Teruaki in Sumitomo Historical Archives.

Class and Structure

  Group 1 to 6 above were set as sub fonds, and Documents in possession of Aochi Family and Documents in possession of Ito Family were put into Nakama related series and Management related series.

 Group 3 to 6 were not put in a series. The reasons are as follows;

  • Each has only 1 to 3 books.
  • 3.Documents in possession of Deguchi Family and 4. Hosoya Family includes only Nakama related documents.
  • 5.Murabayashi Family includes only management related documents.
  • 6.Bought documents includes both, but it is difficult they were published by the same publisher or not because the former owner is unknown.

Link to the catalogue of documents and its images

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