H21 / FY 2009 Archives

Activities in FY 2009

Digitization of materials related to Tokuzo Fukuda and their publication in HERMES-IR (continued)

The manuscripts of Fukuda Tokuzo (1874-1930) have already been organized and preserved, but their existence is not well known, so there have been few opportunities to use them. There are some writings in red pen, red pencil, and blue pencil in the manuscripts. For this reason, the photographs were taken in color, unlike in the case of faculty manuscripts in the past. In order to promote the study of Tokuzo Fukuda using these materials, we established the Tokuzo Fukuda Study Group.

In the current fiscal year, the process of digitizing the remaining a third of the materials that were not digitized in 2007 and 2008 were initiated and made public on HERMES-IR. As a result, 260 items related to Fukuda Tokuzo can now be viewed via the Internet.

Cataloging of materials related to Kinnosuke Otsuka and release of some materials

In FY 2009, we organized and catalogued letters, pamphlets, journals, documents, works, and newspaper clippings from and to Kinnosuke Otsuka. Of these, the letters have not been made public at this time because we have not received permission to do so. Since it is necessary to understand the contents of each letter in order to obtain permission to open them to the public in the future, we proceeded to organize the letters one by one, summarizing their contents. The books that were put into envelopes at the stage of packing into neutral paper envelopes in 2007 were also reorganized by separating each item. In FY 2009, we completed the arrangement of 11,262 items, bringing the total number of completed materials to 20,744. In FY 2010, we will continue to organize and catalog the materials.