H19 / FY 2007 Archive

Activities in 2007

Digitization of Tokuzo Fukuda’s manuscripts and their publication in the institutional repository HERMES-IR

The manuscripts of Tokuzo Fukuda (1874-1930) had already been organized and preserved, but since their existence was not well known, there were few opportunities to use them. In FY 2007, we digitized about a third of the materials, mainly lecture notes and manuscripts, and made them available to the public in HERMES-IR with metadata.

There are some writings in red pen, red pencil, and blue pencil in the manuscripts. For this reason, the photographs were taken in color, unlike in the case of faculty manuscripts in the past. This made it possible to trace Fukuda’s thoughts on the Internet. At the same time, in order to promote the study of Tokuzo Fukuda using these materials, the Tokuzo Fukuda Study Group was established, and books including the “Complete Works of Economics" are being digitized. In FY 2008, we will continue to photograph materials and make them available on HERMES-IR.

Cleaning and bagging of materials related to Kinnosuke Otsuka

The former collection of Kinnosuke Otsuka (1892-1977), consisting of 93 boxes of cardboard and catalog card cases, had been stored in an untouched state for a long time; therefore, there were concerns about insect damage, mold growth, and deterioration of the materials. Therefore, in FY 2007, the materials were fumigated to kill insects and mold, cleaned, bagged in neutral paper envelopes, and assigned material numbers based on the principle of respecting the original order. In FY 2008, we will organize and catalog them.