Information For New Faculty Members 2024

Welcome to our University.
The Hitotsubashi University Library provides a variety of services to support your educational and research activities. We have compiled the following information for you to make use of library services.

Using the Library

For general information about library use, please refer to the pamphlet “Hitotsubashi University Library English Guide“. For details, please see the “Services" page on the library website.

A Staff ID card is required to use the library. Please bring it with you when you visit the library.
To use the copy machine for only faculty members in the library, you will need an IC card. Please apply for one in advance at the Respective Offices of Graduate Schools to which you belong.
Please also refer to the “Information For New Students 2024" on the library website as appropriate.

Obtaining Academic Information

If the materials you need are not available on campus, you may (A) submit a purchase request or (B) use materials held by other university libraries.

(A) Book Purchase Requests

Books purchased via Faculty Purchase Requests become “library assets" which is available for all users of the Library. Requests to purchase books for classes are also accepted. Click here for more information about purchasing library books.
Books purchased with your own research funds and for your own exclusive use will be purchased through your Respective Offices of Graduate Schools. Please contact the Respective Offices of Graduate Schools for procedures.
If you wish to purchase new journals, e-journals, or databases, please consult with the library committee of the graduate school you belong to.

(B) Using materials held by other libraries

Click here to request photocopies or Interlibrary Loan.
Click here to visit other libraries.

Educational Support

Library Guidance for Students

Various types of guidance are provided mainly for students on how to use the library and how to find academic information. On-demand guidance is also provided for seminars and class units.

Click here for a list of guidance sessions scheduled for the spring and summer semesters of 2024.

Reserve Books

Click here for information about the Reserved Books service, in which library materials designated for classes are placed on the first floor of the Main Library for a limited period of time for in-library use only.

Use of Copyrighted Works in Class

Article 35 of the revised Copyright Act came into effect on April 28, 2020, and the “Compensation System for Public Transmission for Educational Purposes" was launched. The University participates in the “Compensation System for Public Transmission for Educational Purposes. If you wish to use copyrighted materials in class, please refer to this page. The library provides consultation services when using contents such as e-journals, e-books, and databases that the University subscribes to for use in classes.

Graduation Theses Donation

The library holds the students’ graduation theses, and they are available for our university students and faculty members only. If students wish to donate their thesis, faculty members may donate to the library. (Students cannot donate their own thesis directly.) Please bring the students’ thesis to the library counter after confirming that the prescribed “Thesis Information Form" (available at the Educational Affairs Division/CELS) is attached on the thesis.

Support for Dissemination of Research Results

We supports the dissemination of research results as below.

Support by Transformative Agreement

When publishing your research as Open Access (OA), an Article Processing Charge (APC) is often required. The University promotes OA publication of your paper through transformative agreements with publishers. Please see here for further information.

HERMES-IR (Hitotsubashi University Institutional Repository)

HERMES-IR is an electronic repository of knowledge that disseminates the results of Hitotsubashi University’s education and research activities (full-text articles, etc.) to the world via the Internet. Hitotsubashi University established the Hitotsubashi University Open Access Policy (Oct. 19, 2009) and the Hitotsubashi University Policy for Research Data Management and Sharing (Mar. 3, 2023). Please submit academic papers, doctoral dissertations, working papers, reports of scientific research results, conference papers, research data, etc. to “HERMES-IR".

Books by Hitotsubashi University Faculty Members

Books by Hitotsubashi faculty members and emeritus professors are introduced as “Books by Hitotsubashi Faculty" on the university website. When you publish a book, please donate it to the library. Please also send us an introduction of your own book by email. We will introduce it together with the cover image. Donated books will be displayed for a certain period of time in the “Corner for Donated Books Written by University Faculty" section on the 2nd floor of the Main Building to keep library users informed of research results for many years to come.

Contact us

Various inquiry forms are available on the library website. Please use these forms as much as possible except in emergencies.

Use of Other Libraries in the University