[Done] Suspension of Using Materials/Seats on the 3rd Floor (Feb. 27 – Mar. 15, 2023)

Due to repair work of compact shelving on the 3rd floor of the Library Main Building, some materials and reading seats will be unavailable.

If you need to use materials in the repair work area, please check them out before the work begins.
During the repair work, you may reserve materials in the area.
You will be able to use them after the repair work is complete.
Learn more about reserving materials in this area.

This work is noisy.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Repair Work Period

Feb. 27 – Mar. 6

Library Main Building 3rd Floor, Shelf No. 73 – 90

[Call No.]
JP/CN/KR books(Kunitachi Classification) PAe:70 – Sc:769

Mar. 7 – 15

Library Main Building 3rd Floor, Shelf No. 46 – 72

[Call No.]
JP/CN/KR books(Kunitachi Classification)
MAe:39 – PAe:69, Large Books P – S, Extra Large Books

How to reserve

Please send e-mail via the following;

Address: lib-service-order(at)ad.hit-u.ac.jp

Title: Reservation materials on work area


  1. Your Name
  2. Student ID / Hitotsubashi Auth ID
  3. Book Title
  4. Call No.
  5. Book ID

We will send you an email when the book is ready.

If you request to reserve materials that are located outside of the repair work area, we will not accept your request. Please use them by yourself.