Mailing photocopies of other library’s materials

For students and faculty members of Hitotsubashi University, we provide mailing service of photocopies of other library’s materials.
*The terms and conditions may be changed depending on the situation.


Students and faculty members of Hitotsubashi University


Tuesday, January 12– Wednesday, March 31, 2021  *Applications will be accepted until 23:59, March 30, 2021.

Available materials


  • Copying fee and postage (from other libraries to Kunitachi or Chiyoda Campus)
  • Please pay the transfer fee.
  • The University will pay for the shipping.
  • If you want to pay the copying fee with public expenses (including external funds), enter the budget information in the comments field in MyLibrary.


  • Please specify the bibliographic information in advance. If you are not sure, please use HERMES-Search, CiNii Articles (for domestic articles), and Web of Science (for overseas articles), etc. If you cannot identify the bibliographic information, please contact us via Ask a librarian.
  • Cancellations after application and refusal of payment will not be accepted.

How to apply

  1. Same as normal requesting to photocopies from other libraries, please apply via MyLibrary. Please enter “using mailing service” in the comments field in MyLibrary.
  2. Helpdesk or Chiyoda Campus Library will send you a confirmation email with the mailing address, so please be sure to reply.
  3. Once a copy arrives at Kunitachi or Chiyoda Campus from other libraries, we will send an email about the price. It may take some time depending on the form of the material and the quantity you want to copy.
  4. Please transfer the fee to the designated account of the University, and send the image of the transfer copy or the screenshot showing that the transfer has been completed as an e-mail attachment.
  5. After confirming the transfer details, we will send a copy by ordinary mail. The arrival date cannot be specified.