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 It is lecture notes and manuscripts by Miura Shinshich, a professor of Tokyo University of Commerce (1877-1947). Total amount: 13,875. He taught Business History, Economic History and History of Civilization.

 It includes unpublished manuscripts, lecture notes in Tokyo University of Commerce, Old-education-system Yamagata Highschool, Otaru Higher Commercial School, and Kyoto Imperial University faculty of literature, abstract of lectures when he was the president of  Ryouu Bank, the minutes of advisor meetings of bank of japan, and the minutes of roundtable. You can look back his life as a scholar with these documents.  

 Most of documents are manuscripts (11,929 pages), and from vol. 20 to vol. 26 of 『三浦新七先生講義原稿』are lecture notes by students. It is estimated that lecture notes in vol. 20, 21, and 22 were written down by Mr. Sakura Jungo and Mr. Tanaka Seijiro.  The author of documents between vol. 23 and vol. 26 are unknown. Also vol. 35 ‘the minutes of roundtable’ does not seem to have been written by Prof. Miura.


 Lecture notes were packed in two Chinese Wooden Bags and Prof. Miura was always with them even during the Great Kanto Earthquake and Pacific War. In accordance with Miura’s will, Miura Family donated these documents with 40,000 books he had to Hitotsubashi University.

How organized

 Muramatsu Koichiro, Takahashi Taizo and Masubuchi Tatsuo were responsible for the organization, as a project of ‘Mr. Miura Shishichi Memorial Project.’

  • The first step
    They copied all documents, then categorized and allotted the number in accordance with contents. The categorized one were copied again and bound 54 volumes 81 books. Two copies with table of contents were received by Miura Family and Hitotsubashi University Library. Most obscure parts of copies are written in European Language with a red pencil.
  • The second step
    Miura Family decided to give these documents to Yamagata Central Library in 1977 (100 years after Mr. Miura was born, at the same time, 30 years after he passed away). At that time, 54 temporary bounded books were added to 『三浦新七先生講義原稿』(cloth binding), 46 volumes in total, by Miura Family because temporary binding is not appropriate for preservation. They changed the order in accordance with the theme, as a result, there is a difference between table of contents of temporary binding version and that of cloth binding version. These difference were written in 「三浦新七先生講義原稿目次一覧表」, the end of『三浦新七先生講義原稿』.
    The title in the table of contents were named by Miura himself, also were temporarily named in accordance with its contents.
    As for the latter case, Mr. Takahashi Taizo supervised. There are light blue papers in each volume. It shows the section of temporary binding version and it has 81 papers in total since there were 81 books.

 Class and Structure

 In the first step (1976), there were 54 classification, and then 46 classification in the second step (1977).



HERMES-IR (the digital images of the documents are available)

Related Information

*These documents were listed on the digital archive, Researchers’ Manuscripts.

Research Articles

  • 國方敬司「三浦新七博士講義原稿その他」 『鐘: 一橋大学附属図書館報』第46号(2004年)、1-3頁。



The original documents: in the Library Rare Material Room

Copy: 『三浦新七先生講義原稿』【AZ:152】        Microform 【Az:152:CD】