Research Documents of Business Habits


 Documents about business habits from early modern period to early Meiji period. 

 ‘Research Documents of Business Habits’ includes all documents related to business habits in Hitotsubashi University Library, consists of

  1. 『古来慣習誌料』
  2. 『内国商業慣習』
  3. 『函館商業慣例取調書』
  4. 『慣習誌 地本屋』.

  1. 『古来慣習誌料』seems to be answers to the questionnaire by Tokyo Shoho Kaigi Sho and the result of interview survey. The subject of research were 11 business types, such as Salt Shop, Oil Shop, Soy Sauce Shop, Dye Shop, Iron Product Shop, Cotton Shop, Fabric Shop, Pawn Shop, Linen Shop, Marine Store, and Fly Screen Store.  The survey was conducted in Meiji 14th (1881) according to answers, so the information of answers seems to be at that time.  Since mostly the paper of Commercial Training School is used and it was written that ‘Dear Shoho Kaigi Sho President’, Commercial Training School (the former Hitotsubashi University), which is jurisdiction of Tokyo Shoho Kaigisho would have got involved in the survey.
  2.  『内国商業慣習』is report created by Higher Commercial School Research Department and Naikoku Shogyo Zissen Department. There are only 10 leaves by Naikoku Shogyo Zissen Depertment. The rest of documents, 90 percent of the total, is reports by Research Department. All reports use paper of Higher Commercial School, also each report seems to lack something. The newest document is created in Meiji 22nd (1889). Its contents are rice, silk, tea, Karaito (thread spun by machinery), sugar, coal(by Research Department), and economic situation and the situation of distribution of invoice(by Naikoku Shogyo Department).
  3.  『函館商業慣例取調書』is copy of various documents about business habits in Hakodate. It includes records about interview survey from February 2nd to 9th in Meiji 22nd (1889) which was conducted by Hokkaido-cho Nosho ka based on the questionnaire created by Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce, in addition, copy of documents created by Hakodate Shoko Kai. Purchased at November 1st Meiji 25th (1892).
  4. 『慣習誌 地本屋』specializes in business habits of book store. Mr. Itaya Ryosaku edited. It is written that ‘Are there typos?’ on behinds the cover of the 17th leaf, and it appears to have written by the same person who wrote the body. Therefore, it is estimated that they are copy.  The newest documents were copied in Meiji 14th (1881), and the Library bought them at 6th November Meiji 26th (1893). Thus, the copies were completed between Meiji 14th and 26th.

Catalogue and images

  • 古来慣習誌料
  • 内国商業慣習
  • 函館商業慣例取調書
  • 慣習誌 地本屋
  • 大阪商業習慣録

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