Odenma-cho Hasegawa Cotton Shop Old Notebooks



 These materials came from Hasegawa Family, wealthy cotton merchants in Ise Matsuzaka.

Hasegawa Family moved to Edo in Enpo 2nd (1674). They gradually increased branch stores, and then finally in Tenmei 3rd(1783), they had 5 stores in Edo.

 These materials include management documents of Hasegawa Family Edo Branches, documents about cotton wholesaler partner in Odenma-cho, documents about Ko. Detail: documents about cotton wholesaler partner have 25 items, management documents have 7 items, and documents about Ko have 3 items.


 Bought at a secondhand bookstore in May Taisho 11th (1922).

According to a librarian of Tokyo University of Commerce Library, Hasegawa Shop sold unnecessary notebooks to waste paper merchant, in turn they were sold to the secondhand bookstore. Tokyo University of Commerce bought them in the end. It was written that ‘These documents were donated by Koike Kunizo at May 8th Taisho 11th’ on the opening of each books because Mr. Koike Kunizo, the founder of Yamaichi Securities company , subsidized the documents. The reason why documents of cotton wholesaler partner were transported to Hasegawa Family is (1)these documents were stored in Hasegawa Mukai Branch because Hasegawa Jirokichi, a head of the branch, was Nakama Gyozi right before the abolishment of Kabunakama, (2)afterwards, Hasegawa branch family was integrated to head family, and then these documents transported to Hasegawa Family. These documents include management documents of various stores probably due to the reorganization of Hasegawa Family.

How organized

 After reception of these documents, they were simply organized. And then, Mr. Miyazaki Shoukichi who was a student of Prof. Koda Sigetomo finished organizing them in Showa 17th (1942).

 At first classification, all documents without its title were categorized as “古帳.” Mr. Miyazaki checked its contents and put them into three groups: (1)Odenma-cho Kumi cotton wholesaler partner related materials, (2)Management documents of Hasegawa cotton  store, (3)Ko related documents. We basically followed the classification by Mr. Miyazaki to list them on the digital archive, however, renamed ‘本状控’ (call number 貴:7:B16) ‘書状控.’

Class and Structure

 Based on Mr. Miyazaki’s classification, there are (1)Partner Related Documents, (2)Management Documents, (3)Ko Related Documents.

catalogue and images

List of Odenma-cho Hasegawa Cotton Shop Old Notebooks

Related Information

These documents were listed on the Digital Archive of Modern Japanese Economic History and Business History.

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