Materials about Fukuda Tokuzo



 Works by Fukuda Tokuzo, the former professor of Tokyo University of Commerce (1874-1930), manuscript, records of his speech, and proofs. Total amount : about 260.

  It includes Brentano’s lecture notebooks, doctoral dissertation, writings during their study abroad(1898-1901) such as「商科大学設立ノ必要」by Seki Hazime et al. which is the origin of “Captain of Industry,” the discipline of Hitotsubashi University, notebooks of economic lectures in the Higher Commercial School, drafts and proofs for articles of『改造』and books, manuscripts of lectures and speeches, writings for preface for his works and others’ works, and catalogues.

Some of the manuscripts are bounded or allotted number, however, most of them are not organized. Big notebooks, Fukuda Tokuzo manuscript paper, or special printed paper are used for that. Furthermore, letters to Brentano, Mr. Fukuda’s mentor, are kept in German Federal Archive as Lujo Brentano Documents. Also, a few letters to Hooks are kept in University of Tubingen as Hooks Documents.


 According to Prof. Yamada Yuzo(1902-1996) who worked as an assistant of Mr. Fukuda, these materials were in possession of Prof. Sugimoto Eichi(1901-1952)who was one of Fukuda’s students. After Prof. Sugimoto passing, they were transported to the Library around September 1952.

 All documents were divided into 16 groups and each of them were wrapped with newspaper or Kraft paper in two wooden boxes(D:42 W:79 H:32cm). The catalogue created probably by the same person who wrote something on the wrapping paper lists 14 groups. 15 groups are listed on Mr. Miyajima Hideaki’s notes (1982.9.29).    

These materials have been stored in the Center for Historical Social Science Literature for a long time. It was organized from 2003 to 2004, and simplified version of catalogue and acid-free paper storage boxes were created at that time.

Class and Structure

 Analysis of the structure is developing now. According to table 2’「福田徳三関係史料の階層構造」’ in 金沢幾子「一橋大学附属図書館の貴重史料管理:福田徳三関係史料を一例として」(アーカイブズ・カレッジ修了論文、国文学研究資料館史料館)(2000年), it can be classified into 1)lecture notes by students 2) lecture notes, 3)summary of the lecture, 4)his manuscript, 5)catalogues, 6)letters.




HERMES-IR (digital images of documents are available)

Related Information

※these documents are listed on the digital archive, Researchers’ Manuscripts.






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