School Trip Report



 Reports created by students in Higher Commercial School, Tokyo Higher Commercial School, and Tokyo University of Commerce.

It is called “School Trip Reports,” since it mainly includes school trip reports. Total amount: 439 items

 Not only students from Kosho and Shodai, but also ones from Kosho Senko department (founded in Meiji 30th) and Fusetsu Shogyo Kyoin Yoseijo(founded in Meiji 32nd) joined to research. Reports by students from Shogyo Kyoin Yoseijo accounts a large part of the documents. As far as identified so far, the oldest reports were created Meiji 22nd (1889), two years after the school renamed as Higher Commercial School and the newest ones were created in Taisho 10th (1921) when the school has become Tokyo University of Commerce. Therefore, these report were practically created by students of Higher Commercial School and Tokyo Higher Commercial School (the school was renamed when Kobe Higher Commercial School was established).

 School Trip Report, as its name shows, is report by students enjoyed school trip. The system of school trip that the school pay travel expense to some excellent students were established in Meiji 21st (1888), thereafter students conducted survey all around the country. Survey was conducted not only in Japan but also in some area of Eastern Asia. Fukuda Tokuzo, Sano Zensaku, and Miura Shinshichi, who became lecturers of the school later, were also the reporters. Furthermore, Beikoku Ryugakusei Houkokusyo

 【Azn:171】was created when Sano was studying in the US as assistant professor of Higher Commercial School. It means that this report is not written by students.

 Reports of business education, business habits, accounting and insurance are included as well as school trip report. According to the preface of School Trip Report, reports of business habits, accounting and insurance were submitted to Higher Commercial School Naikoku Zissenka but further exploration is needed to clarify the detail.


 From January 29th in Showa 10th (1935) to September 13th in Showa 14th, it was continuously transported from Gakusei Ka and Shomu Ka Kyomu Gakari. Printed one was transported from Shomuka right after its publication.

Call NumberWhere transported fromWhen transported
Azn:1~395Gakusei KaJanuary 29th Showa 1st~July 5th
Azn:396~402Shomuka Kyomu GakariSeptember 17th Showa 11th
Azn:403ShomukaOctober 12th Showa 11th
Azn:404~411ShomukaEvery time of publication
Azn:412~414Shomuka Kyomu GakariSeptember 13th Showa 14th

 How organized

 They were organized when transported. Call number were allotted then.

 Current call number based on neither publishing year, name of the author, nor what the authors belong to, its contents. So its rule is uncertain. Although some groups can be identified such as Business and Industry in Each Area  (Azn:1~142), Insurance(162~169), Business habits  (172~181/353~360), Accounting (183~207), documents which have different topic and submitted to different departments are categorized in the same group. Current call number is like this possibly because

  • Documents were classified in accordance with its type at certain points, but it was confused when they were transported to the Library.
  • They were not organized before transportation, but the Library classified as much as possible after they were transported.
  • Some other reports were mixed when lectures checked the reports, and then the call number were taken over Gakuseika, Shomuka, and the Library.

Link to Catalogue of documents and Its Image

Link to Catalogue of documents and Its Image

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The documents were listed in the digital archive,「近代日本経済史・経営史」.

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