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 Reports on agricultural products and minerals from the Higher Commercial School product display space.

 It consists of 13 items 21 books of reports on rice, paper, brassica vegetable, sugar, wheat, mulberry, indigo, potato, oil, Japanese wax, cigarette, Japanese lacquer, tea and 1 item 1 book of practical guide of Besshi Copper Mine. Some of rice reports and tea reports are lost. Reports on agricultural products contain the data from Meiji 7th (1874) to 21st(1888), as for the practical guide, from Meiji 8th(1875) to 22nd (1889).

 There are no remaining records which tell why these documents were created. However, it is estimated that the reports on agricultural products are copies of reports from Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce. It is because, according to Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce personnel book, Ono Magozaburo, Tahara Kyunosuke, Kitagaki Yasushi, Kishi Saburo, editors of the reports, were telegraphers of Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce, and Takeuchi Taro was Sakan of Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce.

 Higher Commercial School product  display space was founded in Meiji 21st (1888). It gave students an opportunity to know domestic and international products, but lost in the fire due to the Grant Kanto Earthquake.

Where come from

 At February 25th Showa 11th (1936), Gakuseika transported 12 items 20 books to the Library, at October 7th Shomuka transported 1 item 1 book, and at the October 12th Shomuka transported 1 item 1 book. According to the head of Azm:14, “product display space donated them at October 12th in Showa 11th,” though an original account says Shoumuka transported them. product display space does not exist in Showa 11th, therefore, the latter seems to be correct.

How organized

 Same as reports on school trip, call number was given to each document. It seems that there was no call number when these documents were kept in product display space. Thus, they were not that organized before the Library did.

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These documents are digitally archived in 「近代日本経済史・経営史」.

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