H22 / FY 2010 Archives

Activities in FY 2010

Cataloging of materials related to Kinnosuke Otsuka and release of some materials

In FY 2010, we organized manuscripts and documents related to letters and writings from and to Kinnosuke Otsuka, as well as a variety of materials and photographs classified as “miscellaneous”. In addition to reorganizing the materials that had been bundled together in the past, we wrote a title to be posted on the website. Since we have an agreement with the bereaved family to discuss the release of the letters separately, we proceeded to organize the letters one by one by summarizing the contents. In FY 2010, we completed the sorting of 9,337 items, bringing the total number of materials we have sorted to 30,081. In FY 2011, the final year of this project, we will (1) organize and catalog the remaining materials, (2) obtain permission to publish the letters, and (3) digitize the lecture notes and register them in HERMES-IR.