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Activities in FY 2008

Digitization of materials related to Tokuzo Fukuda and their publication in HERMES-IR (continued)

The manuscripts of Tokuzo Fukuda (1874-1930) have already been organized and preserved, but their existence is not well known, so there have been few opportunities to use them. There are some writings in red pen, red pencil, and blue pencil in the manuscripts. Therefore, unlike in the case of teachers’ manuscripts, the photographs were taken in color. In order to promote the study of Tokuzo Fukuda using these materials, we established the Tokuzo Fukuda Study Group.

Continuing from the previous fiscal year, in 2008, about a third of the entire materials, mainly manuscripts, were digitized with metadata, and published in HERMES-IR. As a result, about two-thirds of the materials are now available. In FY 2009, we will continue to photograph the materials and make them available on HERMES-IR.

Cataloging of materials related to Kinnosuke Otsuka and release of some materials

Cataloging work began in FY 2008, and 9,482 items were completed. We catalogued mainly manuscripts and lecture notes until the summer, and letters after that. In addition, we established the guidelines for handling materials related to Kinnosuke Otsuka in preparation for their release, and started to release 3,555 items at the end of March. The catalog of the published materials can be viewed on the website. Letters were not made available to the public this year due to the need for copyright procedures. In FY 2009, we will continue to catalog letters and other materials and make them available to the public in order.

Cleaning and bagging of materials related to Tokutaro Yamanaka

As with the materials related to Otsuka Kinnosuke, which we began to organize in FY 2007, the materials formerly held by Tokutaro Yamanaka (1901-1981), who served as the third president of Hitotsubashi University, have been stored in 46 cardboard boxes without being organized. In FY 2008, the materials related to Tokutaro Yamanaka were cleaned, transferred to neutral paper envelopes, and assigned material numbers based on the principle of respecting the original order. By doing so, we were able to reduce the deterioration of the materials. Arrangement of the materials is scheduled to begin after the arrangement of the materials related to Kinnosuke Otsuka is completed.