《Online Seminar:3 July 2024 (Wed.) 》Training Seminar on Submission to International Journals

Editor’s perspective: Preparing Manuscript for Top Journals

Prof. Israr Qureshi, the associate editor at top management journals such as Business & Society, Information Systems Journal, and MIS Quarterly (not handling new submissions), will talk about the basics of article writing and submission preparation from an editor’s perspective. There is an interactive session in which participants will receive advice and opinions on papers they are actually preparing.

・There will be a case study (open advice) session within this seminar. If you would like to receive open advice from prof. Qureshi on a paper you are preparing or a research you are considering publishing as a journal article, please let us know in the registration form!

Inquiries: Institutional Research Office, Hitotsubashi University:pp-ir@ad.hit-u.ac.jp
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