Notice for users who remain enrolled 2024

For library users who will remain enrolled at Hitotsubashi University after April 2024, the user’s expiration date will be as follows:

Faculty and staff who will have renewed the contractThe expiration date will be extended after April 1.
If you wish to extend your expiration date during the current fiscal year, please contact the Circulation Counter. (Weekdays 9:00-17:00)
Students who will extend enrollment
(enrolled under the same ID)
We will extend the expiration date around March 9, and inform you on MyLibrary.
We will NOT extend the due date of books, so please renew your loans yourself through MyLibrary.
Students continuing their education on campus or finding a job on campusIf you have documents (e.g., Letter of Admission) confirming your higher education or employment, you can issue a temporary Library card expire on March 31. Please contact the Circulation Counter with your documents. (Weekdays 9:00-17:00)
You CANNOT transfer borrowed items to a new student ID number. Please return them by March 31.
*Overdue penalties will carry over.

More information if you will graduate or retire