Removal of Restrictions on Using Library (May 8, 2023 -)

As the University has reduced its Activity Policy Level to “Level 0″, we are removing restrictions on library use effective May 8.
If usage restrictions are reinstated, we will notify you again.

Reading Seats

  • The seating restriction will be lifted. Please use the Clock Tower Commons or Group Study Rooms if you need to talk.
  • The number of PC seats will continue to be reduced to conserve electricity.

Group Study Rooms

  • The maximum number of users is increased from 6 to 10.
  • Acrylic partitions are removed.

Clock Tower Commons

  • Tables, chairs and other furniture can be moved.
  • Acrylic partitions are removed.

Restricted Access for Alumni and Visitors

  • Restrictions on access to the building during busy periods will be lifted.
    However, during busy periods such as exam periods, the Hitotsubashi University Library may restrict use of the library in accordance with the provisions of Article 18.2 of the Hitotsubashi University Library Usage Regulations.

Thank you for your cooperation with the long-term restriction of library use.
Please continue to use the library while practicing basic hygiene such as washing your hands.