The loan period will be extended between July 19 and September 6

The Library offers long-term loans for the summer holidays.

Period: From July 19 To September 6, 2021

Date due
Undergraduate studentsTuesday, September 21, 2021
Graduate students: Books for StudyTuesday, September 21, 2021
Graduate students: Books for Research2 months (as usual)
  • This does not include bound periodicals, and “not for loan” items.
  • When the expiration date of the student ID card is earlier than the due date, the expiration date will be regarded as the due date.
  • The loan period of the Chiyoda Campus Library materials will also be extended on the same schedule.

About Renewal

  • Users can renew materials already borrowed into the long-term loan period, unless the materials are overdue or have been reserved by another user.
  • Using MyLibrary, users can view their checked-out or reserved items and renew their loans.
  • When using MyLibrary, users can renew into the long-term loan period from 9 a.m. on July 19.