Opening hours will change(June 1 – )

The opening hours during the class period will change as follows from June 1.

WeekdaysSundays and HolidaysSaturdays
Main Building8:40 – 20:00 22:009:30 – 20:00CLOSED 9:30 – 20:00
Reading Room8:40 – 19:30 21:30CLOSEDCLOSED
Periodicals Annex8:40 – 19:30 21:309:30 – 19:30CLOSED 9:30 – 19:30
Clocks Tower Commons8:40 – 17:00CLOSEDCLOSED

The library will be open as usual except for the Clock Tower Commons. Please wait for a while for the Clock Tower Commons and Group Study Rooms to reopen.

Thank you for your cooperation in shortening the opening hours for a long time.
Please note that the opening hours may be shortened again due to the spread of the infection or the university’s policy.
We ask that you continue to use the library while taking care to prevent infection.