Searching for e-Journals

To search for e-journals (electronic journals) subscribed by Hitotsubashi University, please follow the steps below.

Search from e-Journal / e-Book List

You can search for e-journals by its title or ISSN from e-Journal / e-Book List.

  • In addition to searching by title or ISSN, you can see a title list in alphabetical order or a title list for each genre. E-books are also searched, so you can search efficiently by narrowing down to e-journals in advance.
  • You cannot search by title or author name of the article, but you can search for articles published in the e-journal by using the “Search inside this journal" search box displayed on the search results screen.
  • Only electronic journals subscribed by Hitotsubashi University and some open access journals can be searched. Also, the volume or issue you are looking for may be outside the scope of the contract. If the e-journal you are looking for is not found or you fail to access the one you want to read, please follow the next step.

When you cannot find e-Journal

Searching for library holdings

Even if the university does not subscribe to an e-journal, it may have a paper magazine. Paper magazines can be searched using HERMES-Search and HERMES-Catalog.

Visiting other universities or requesting a photocopy

If you can’t find the e-journal or paper magazine in the library, you can visit another university library and use it or request a photocopy of the article.

Using e-journals from off-campus

Some e-journals are available from off-campus. See “Remote Access" for details.