G. Manuscript

[No.G-1]  Toike   [Cash book of the co-operative society,   G    containing the price of groceries and   24   food in 1840] 3 manuscript. 3 v. 19-16 cm. [No.G-2]  Toike  [Etching view collection of Lancashire;   G    Rochdale, etc.] Published at London, etc.   8    in 19th century.         Blackburn.  Manchester.  Salford.         Blackpoo1.  0ldham.    South Port.         Bolton.    Preston.    Wigan.         Liverpool.  Rochdale.   Others. [No.G-3]  Toike  Gt. Brit. Ordnance Survey.   G    [Ordnance survey, South Lancashire],   21   engraved in the Tower of London at the       Ordnance Map Office, the outline by E.       George, &c. [Lond.], Colby, 1842. 62 x       154 cm.         Scale: One inch to a statute mile. [No.G-4]  Toike  Hennet, G.   G    A map of the County Palatine of Lancaster,   22   divided into hudreds and parishes from an       accurate survey, made in the years 1828 and       1829. Lond., H. Teesdale, 1830. 162 x       116cm. [No.G-5]  Toike  Joint Committee on Aids to Teaching.   G    Illustrations of the Industrial Revolu-   11   tion; portfolios of historical illustrations.       Lond., British Institute of Adult Education,       [19-?] 4 p, 44 leaf (illus.) 25 cm. [No.G-6]  Toike  Kooperativa Forbundet.   G    Stockholmskarta, 1930. [8tockh., 1930?]   23   map 39 x 49 cm.         Scale: 1:6000. [No.G-7]  Toike  [Letter collection toward Mr. F Greenwood]   G   15 sheet in 1.   7     Attached: Press cutting on Mr. F. Greenwood. [No.G-8]  Toike   [Letter Collection to Mr. G. E.   G    Crossley] 8 sheet in 1.   6      Attached: Press cutting. [No.G-9]  Toike   [Manuscript letter collection of Robert   G    Owen, etc.]   5      Bamford, Samuel.         Blatchford , Robert.         Bright, John.         Bright, William.         Broadhurst, Henry.         Brotherton,         Brougham and Vaux, Hnery Peter Brougham,           baron         Burt, Thomas.         Canning, George.         Carlisle.         Cartwright.         Cobden, Richard.         Dobbs, A. E.         Fry.         Gladstone, William Ewart.         Hill, Octavia.         Holyoake, George Jacob.         Hughhes, Thomas, 1822-1896.         Hunt, Hnery. (with typescript)         Kay-Shuttleworth (educationalist)         Morris, William.         Newman, I. W.         Owen, Robert. (with portrait)         Ruskin, John. (with his pencil drowing)         Schill, J. F.         Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th           eral of, 1801-1885.         Shuttleworth, Philip Nicholas, 1782-1842.         Vincent, Henry.         Whitbread, Samuel. (with his portrait)         Williams, Christpher.         Wilson, G.         Wright, Thomas.         Yates, James. [No.G-10]  Toike  [Manuscripts on the Rochdale Equitable   G    Pioneers Society, described by the   1    anonymous deduced one of Pioneers] 4 v.        in 9.        Described on common notebook.       [A brief history of the Rochdale         Equitable Pioneers Society, ltd.,        chiefly dealing with the aspect in its        communication] . Manuscript (unpaged)        [Private record of the minutes of the         meetings conducted by the Pioneers and the        Society, from 11th August 1844 to 20th July        1882, with the entrance list] Manuscript        (unpaged)        A brief history of the Rochdale Equitable         Pioneers Society, limited [1833-1938,        with short memoir of William Mallalieu, and        the list of 77 persons' entrance] Manuscript        (unpaged)        History of the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers         Society, 1830-1941, also containing the        Description of Educational Department]        Manuscript (unpaged) in 6 v. [No.G-11]  Toike   [Map collection of Lancashire, pt. 1]   G    Lond.; Liverp., J. Clay, &c., 1742-1842.   17 21 sheet in 1. (1)    1. Lancashire. Lond., 1787. 27x 21 cm.        2. do.        3. A new map of Lancashire, from the latest         authorities. Lond., 1789. 33 x 27 cm.        4. do.        5. A new map of the County Palatine of         Lancaster, divided into hundreds.         Lond., 1801. 51 x 45 cm.        6. do.        7. A map of Lancashire from the best autho-         rities. [Lond.] 1805. 52 x 37 cm.        8. Lancashire. [Lond.] 1821. 16 x 13 cm.        9. Map of the County Palatine of Lancaster,         with the latest improvements. Liverp.,         1824. 51 x 41 cm.        10. Lancashire. Lond., 1830. 24 x 19 cm.        11. Map of the County Palatine of Lancaster,         from an actual survey made in the year         1818, by C. & J. Greenwood, Lond.,         1830. 64 x 69 cm.        12. do.        13. Lancashire. Lond., 1830. 45 x 35 cm.        14. Lancashire. Lond., 1831. 37 x 23 cm.        15. Lancashire. Lond., 1833. 25 x 19 cm.        16. do.        17. Lancashire. Lond., 1835. 4O x 32 cm.        18. Lancashire. [n. p.] 1842. 31 x 24 cm.        19. do.        20. do.        21. Lancashire north from London. [n. p.]         1742. 15 x 15 cm. [No.G-12]  Toike  [Map collection of Lancashire, Pt. 2]   G    Lond., J. Wattis, &c., 27 sheet in 1.   17    1. Lancashire. Lond., [n. d.] 11 x 7 cm.   (2)     2. A map of Lancashire. [n. p., n. d.]         13 x 13 cm.        3. Lancashire. Lond., [n. d.] 18 x 11 cm.        4. Lancashire. [n. p., n. d.] 19 x 12 cm.        5. A new map of Lancashire drawn from the         latest & best authorities. [n. p.,         n. d.] 19 x 16 cm.        6. Lancashire. [n. p., n. d.] 20 x 16 cm.        7. Lancashire. [n. p., n. d.] 24 x 18 cm.        8. Lancashire. Lond., [n. d.] 24 x 18 cm.        9. do.        10. do.        11. do.        12. do., coloured.        13. do.        14. Lancashire. Engraved for Dugdales Eng-         land and Wales delineated. Lond., [n. d.]         24 x 18 cm.        15. Modern map of Lancashire, drawn from the         latest surveys; corrected & improved by         the best authorities. [n. p., n. d.]         25 x 19 cm.        16. Lancashire. Glasg., [n. d.] 24 x 19 cm.        17. do.        18. Lancashire. [n. p., n. d.] 25 x 19 cm.        19. Lancashire. Lond., [n. d.] 25 x 19 cm.        20. Lancashire. [n. p., n. d.] 26 x 20 cm.        21. do., coloured.        22. Lancashire. Lond., [n. d.] 31 x 24 cm.        23. Lancashire. Lond., [n. d.] 39 x 33 cm.        24. Lancashire. Lond., [n. d.] 42 x 32 cm.        25. A map of Lancashire from the best          authorities. [Lond., n. d.] 53 x 37 cm.        26. do.        27. do. [No.G-13]  Toike   [Map collection of Liverpool and environs]   G    Lond.; Liverp., J. Stockdale, &c., 1795-   18   1847. 8 sheet in 1.        1. Plan of Liverpool. [Lond.] 1795.         21 x 27 cm.        2. Liverpool and its environs, engraved         from an actual survey made by William         Swire in 1823 and 1824 for the History,         directory & gazetteer of Lancashire.         Liverp. 42 x 54 cm.        3. do.        4. Liverpool, reduced by permission from         Mr. Gage's elaborate survey. Pub. under         the superintendence of the Society for         the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.         [Liverp.] 1836. 30 x 39 cm.        5. do., coloured.        6. do., Lond., 1847.        7. Liverpool and its environs including the         Cheshire coast. Lond., 1836. 39 x 54 cm.        8. Liverpool, by B. R. Davies. [Liverp.,         n. d.] 63 x 43 cm. [No.G-14]  Toike  [Map collection of Manchester and Salford]   G    Liverp.; Lond., W. Wales, &c., 1824-33.   19   5 sheet in 1.        1. Manchester and environs, engraved from         an actual survey, made in 1824 by William         Swire, for the History, directory and         gazetter of Lancashire. Liverp.         42 x 53 cm.        2. do.        3. do.        4. Manchester, Salford, and their environs.         Lond., 1833. 40 x 54 cm.        5. Manchester, and Salford, from the Ordnance         & other authentic surveys. [n. p., n. d.]         31 x 43 cm. [No.G-15]  Toike  [Map collection of the cities, Rochdale, &c.]   G    Liverp.; Lond., W. Wales, &c., 1824.   20   16 sheet in 1.        1. Rochdale, surveyed by Wm. Swire, 1824.         Liverp. 16 x 24 cm.        2. do., coulored.        3. Preston, R. Thornton, surveyor, 1824.         16 x25 cm.        4. Preston, the plan, drawn & engraved by J.         Rapkin. Lond., n. d. 23 x 33 cm.        5. Lancaster, J. Atkinson, surveyor, 1824.         Liverp. 16 x 25 cm.        6. Ashton under line, surveyed by J. Atkin-         son, 1824. Liverp. 16 x 20 cm.        7. Blackburn, surveyed by Jas. Gillies,         1824. Liverp. 16 x 25 cm.        8. Bolton, surveyed in 1824, by Geoe.         Piggot. Liverp. 15 x 24 cm.        9. Oldham, surveyed by J. Atkinson, 1824.         Liverp. 16 x 25 cm.        10. Stockport, surveyed by R. Thornton, 1824.         Liverp. 15 x 25 cm.        11. Ashton under lyne. Warrington. Bury.         Rochdale. Drawn by R. Creighton. n. p.,         n. d. 24 x 19 cm.        12. Lancaster. Blackburn. Great and little         Bolton. Wigan. Drawn by R. Creighton.         n. p., n. d. 24 x 19 cm.        13. Liverpool. Clitheroe. Drawn by R.         Creighton. n. p., n.d. 18 x 24 cm.        14. Manchester. Salford. Drawn by R.         Creighton. n. p., n.d. 24 x 18 cm.        15. Preston. 0ldham. Drawn by R.         Creighton. n. p., n. d. 24 x 18 cm.        16. Stadtplan von Rochdale. [No.G-16]  Toike  [Miscellanea, containing letter, mimeo-   G    graphed copy, etc.]   25 [No.G-17]  Toike  [Photograph album of travelling by Mr.   G    Bradshaw, etc., co-operators, to Finland   16   and Leningrad, 1925 and Germany, 1929]       2 v. 14 x 21 cm. [No.G-18]  Toike  [Photograph and post card collection of   G    Rochdale, etc.]   15 [No.G-19]  Toike  [Press cutting collection on co-operation]   G   14 [No.G-20]  Toike  [Rochdale cemetery list of Holyoakes   G    original 28 Rochdale co-operative   2    pioneers...] Manuscript (unpaged) 16 cm.       Attached: Original members of the Rochdale       Equitable Pioneers' Co-operative Society,       issued by Manchester & Salford Equitable       Co-operative Society, also A reply on the       same subject by Rochdale Society to Peter       Eaton. [No.G-21]  Toike  Rochdale Equitable Pioneers' Society, ltd.   G    Laws and objects of the Rochdale Society   4   ... Enrolled according to the acts, 10th,       George IV, and 4th and 5th, William IV.       Rochdale, J. Hall, 1844. 12 p. 17 cm. [No.G-22]  Toike  [Rochdale Society's coin and medal collec-   G    tion] 19 piece in a frame.   10 [No.G-23]  Toike  [Scrap book, containing notes and press   G    cutting of Lincoln Co-operative Society]   13   1 v. (unpaged) 31 cm.       A1so contains Certified copy of an entry of       Birth for James family (including James       Lenygon)       Attached: J. C. Gray's Notes of importance       for the use of committees & officials. [No.G-24]  Toike  [Scrap book made by Helen Brotherton,   G    probably wife or daughter of famous   12   reformer & M. P. for Sarford] 1 v. (unpaged)       19 cm.       Contains handwriting fragments, press       cuttings, postage stamps, etc. [No.G-25]  Toike  Thornley Co-operative Provision Society, ltd.   G    Rules of the Thornley Co-operative   3   Provision Society, ltd. Rochdale, W. Cooper,       1869. 16 p. 17 cm. [No.G-26]  Toike  Views of Liverpool. Lond., Rock, [186?]   G    etching 6 leaf. 10 x 19 cm.   9