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Questions put to the Government of India on the Subject of the Amalgamation of the Army, with Replies. 1862.(X-254)

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Rules and Regulations respecting the Staff Corps. 1865.(X-256)

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Military and Budget Estimates and Reports thereon for 1863-67.(X-260)

Papers relating to European and Native Troops in India-strength, Composition, Distribution, Des- cription, &c. 1867.(X-261)

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Correspondence between the Government of India and the Secretary of State, respecting the proposed Changes in the Indian Army System. 1890.(X-264)

Correspondence on the Increase of the Army in India. 1887.(X-265)

Further Papers. 1893-94.(X-266)

Reports on the Effect of the Military Bullet now used in India. 1899.(X-267)

Accounts. Reports Committe on the System of Mili- tary Accounts and Estimates in India; with Evidence. 1881'.(X-268)

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Non-Effective Charges. Correspondence. 2 Parts. 1884-85.(X-271)

Transport. Papers relating to Army Transport in India. 1885.(X-277)

Black Mountain. Papers relating to the Expedition against certain Tribes inhabiting the Black Mountain. 1888.(X-273)

Census. Memorandum on the Census of Tndia of 1871-72(X-274)

Condition. Report by Sir James Caird on the Condition of India; with Correspondence. 1880.(X-275)

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Papes, Reports, &c., on the Silver Question, in Continuation of the Above. 2 Parts. 1877.(X-277)

Ditto, further Papers. 1879.(X-278)

Ditto, further Papers. 1885.(X-279)

Correspondence between the British and Indian Government respecting the Silver Question. 2 Parts. 1886-93.(X-280)

Consul's Reports on the Effect of the Depreciation on Mexico. 1893.(X-281)

Ditto, on Prices of Commodities in China. 1893.(X-282)

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Papers on the Same Subject. 4 Parts. 1893-94.(X-284)

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Proposals made by the Government of India. Correspondence, 3rd to 24th March 1898.(X-287)

Report of Committee; Evidence, Appendix, Index and Correspondence. 5 Parts. 1899. Diagrams.(X-288)

Education. Minute of Governor-General relative to the College of Fortt William, August 1800, with Statutes of the College.(X-289)

Despatches to the Government of India on the subject of General Education in India, and the execution of Public Work, also sums spent on Native Education since 1834. 3 Parts. 1854-58.(X-260)

Correspondence showing the Progress of the Measures adopted for carrying out the Education Despatch of 19th July 1854. 3 Parts. 1859.(X-291)

Papers respecting Public Instruction at Madras, 1857-8. 1860(X-292)

Minute of the Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal, 19th Nov. 1858, and Notes by the Directors of Public Instruction, on Education in India.(X-293)

Report of Sir A. Grant on the Note of Mr. Monteath respecting the State of Education in India. 1868.(X-294)

Report and Correspondence showing the Progress of Education in India since 1866. 1870.(X-295)

Report by Miss Mary Carpenter on Prison Discipline, and on female Education in India. 1877.(X-296)

Educational Progress, from 1892-93 to 1896-97. Quinquenennial Review, by J. S. Cotton, M. A. Maps.(X-297)

Factory Labour. Report of the Bombay Factory Commission, Jan. 1855.(X-298)

Reports on the Working of the Indian Factory Act, with Correspondence as to its Amendment. 2 Parts. 1889.(X-299)

Report of the Indian Factory Commission, with Abstract of the Evidence. 1891.(X-300)

Despatches as to the Amendment of the Indian Factory Act. 2 Parts. 1891.(X-301)

Regulations in the several Provinces. 1893-94.(X-302)

Report of the Labour Commission on Labour in India and the Colonies, with Appendix on the Migration of Labour. 1893.(X-303)

Correspondence with the Government of India on the Inspection of Factories and on the Factory Inspectors' Reports. 1894.(X-304)

Finance, &c. Papers relating to the Finances of the East India Company and the Trade of India and China.(X-305)

Annual Accounts of the Indian Mints, and Correspondence regarding the qualities of the Trial-Plates, and the removal of Mr. Curnin from his Office of Assay-Master. 1848.(X-306)

Reports, 1859 and 1860, of the Military Finance Commission in India. 2 Parts.(X-307)

Correspondence between the Government of India and the Government of Madras on Proposed Financial Measures in India, and Despatches on the Recall of Sir Charles Trevelyan. 2 Parts. 1860.(X-308)

Papers relating to the General Finances of India and to Expenditure on Railways. 3 Parts. 1861-62.(X-309)

Correspondence respecting the Coinnage of India, the Issue of Papers Currency and the Transfer of the Business of the Government Treasuries to the Banks of Bengal, Madras, and Bombay. 5 Parts. 1860-64.(X-310)

Paper relating to the Financial Measures to be adopted in India, the Provision for Public Works, &c. 1865.(X-311)

Report, Papers, &c., on the subject of Weights and Measures, and the Metric System in India. 3 Parts. 1868-72.(X-312)

Foster's Report on Public Accounts in India. 1866.(X-313)

Report of Connission on the Failure of the Banks of Bombay; with Evidence. 5 Parts. 1869-79.(X-314)

Correspondecne on the Subject of the Review of the Budget Statement of 1869.(X-315)

Reports of Committee on the Finance and Financial Administration of India; Evidence, Appendix and Index. 8 Parts. 1871-74.(X-316)

Report on the Administration of the Income-Tax. 1872.(X-317)

Obsevations by Sir John Strachey on some Questions of Indian Finance. 1874.(X-318)

Correspondence upon the subject of establishing a Council of arbitration to decide disputed ques- tions of account between the Imperial and Indian Governments. 1877.(X-319)

Statements showing the net Revenue and Expenditure of India for 1856-67, and for the years 1867-68 to 1879-80; and Memorandum of Mr. Henry Water- field, explaining the Changes made in the Form of the Accounts of India.(X-320)

Debates in the Legislative Council, 27th Dec. 1877, 6th Jan. and 9th Feb. 1878. 2 Parts.(X-321)

Ditto, 2nd March 1880, on the License Acts Amendment Bill.(X-322)

Ditto on the Income-Tax Acts. 1886.(X-323)

Correspondence regarding the Steps to be taken for a Reduction of the Expenditure of India. 1885.(X-324)

Expenditure. Royal Commission on the Administration of the Expenditure of India. Reports, Evidence, Appendices and Corresponcence. 5 Parts. 1896-1900.(X-325)

Financial Statement of the Government of India for 1879-80; with Speeches and Discussions in the Legislation Council on the Same.(X-326)

Ditto for each Year, 1881-82 to 1889-90. 9 Parts.(X-327)

Ditto for 1890-91 to 1899-1900. 10 Parts.(X-328)

Ditto for the Year 1900-1901.(X-329)

Accounts and Estimates for 1900-1. Explanatory Memorandum by the Secretary of State.(X-330)

Finance and Revenue Accounts of the Government of India for the year 1898-99.(X-331)

Home Accounts for the year 1898-1900.(X-332)

Income and Expenditure under Certain Specified Heads for the Years 1888 to 1899.(X-333)

Fisheries. Correspondence on the Preservation of the India River Fisheries. 1869.(X-334)

Idolatry, &c. Letters from Dr. Clandius Buchanau relative to Mr. Buller's Statements Concerning the Idol Juggernant. 3 Parts. 1813.(X-335)

Papers relating to Mahommedan and Hindoo Worship. 1845.(X-336)

Papers respecting the Connection of the Government of India with Idolatry. 2 Parts. 1849-51.(X-337)

Income Tax. Papers relating to the Administration of the Income Tax and the Evils attending the Assessment and Collection. 1872.(X-338)

Minutes of the Viceroy and Members of his Council on the Withdrawal of the Income Tax in 1873.(X-339)

Proeeding of Council of Governor-General of India, regarding Act No. 2 of 1886, for imposing Tax on Income derived from other Sources than Agriculture. 1886. (X-340)

Land. Papers illustrative of the Charter and Results of the Revenue Survey and Assessment introduced in India since 1833. Map. 1853.(X-341)

Papers respecting the Assessment of the Land Revenue in Chittagong. 1855.(X-342)

Papers, 1840-58, relating to the conferring in per- petuity on Covenanted Officers of the East India Company Grants of Land in the Deyrah Dhoon, North-West Provinces of Bengal, and Claims arising out of the Cancelment of the Grants.(X-343)

Despatches, &c., 1855-58. from the Government of Madras relating to the resumption of Lands held in Enam, with Reply to the Court of Directors.(X-344)

Despatches, 1858 and 1859, relating to the Sale of West Lands, the Redemption of Land Revenue in per- petuity, with opinions thereon submitted by the several local Governments in India. 1862.(X-345)

Further Papers. 1863.(X-346)

Return of Waste Lands sold since the Issue of the New Orders modifying Lord Canning's Rules, and Further Correspondence relating to the Sale of Waste Lands or Redemption of the Land Tax. 1864.(X-347)

Major Sykes' Report on the Land Tenures of the Deccan. 1866.(X-348)

Correspondence, 1865-67, with the Government of India, respecting the Permanent Settlement of the Land Revenue. Map. 1867.(X-350)

Notes on Indian Land Revenue. 1875.(X-350)

Correspondence on the Cadastral Survey in Behar. 1892.(X-351)

Ditto. Further Papers. 1893-94. 2 Parts.(X-352)

Madras Land Revenue. Correspondence. 1900.(X-353)

Special Reports of the Indian Law Commissioners. 7 Parts. 1842-48.(X-354)

Ditto. Index to Reports. 1837 to 1847.(X-355)

Second Report of Commissioners appointed to inquire into the State and Operation of the Law of Marriage. East India Marriages. 1850.(X-356)

Acts passed by the Government of India, from 1836 to 1850, with Indexes. 10 Parts. 1840-52.(X-357)

Four Reports of Commissioners appointed to Consider the Reform of the Judicial Establishments, Ju- dicial Procedure, and Laws of India, &c. 1856.(X-358)

Papers respecting Alleged Cases of Torture by the Police in India, and Report of Commissioners on same Subject. 4 Parts. 1855-57.(X-359)

Papers relating to the Police System in Bengal Pre- sidency. 2 Parts. 1857.(X-360)

Report of Committee appointed to prepare a Scheme for the Amalgamation of the Supreme and the Sudder Courts, Madras. 1860.(X-361)

Charter for the Establishment of the High Court of Calcutta, with Papers relating thereto. 1862.(X-362)

Report of Commissioners appointed to prepare a Body Substantive Law for India. 1864.(X-363)

Papers respecting the Question of a Contract Law for India, and Report of the Indian Law Commis- sioners on the Subject of Contracts. 2 Parts. 1868.(X-364)

Copies of Various Legislative Despatches, 1864 to 1874, and Minute by Mr. John Stuart Mill "on the Assertion of Independent Authority by the Legis- lative Council of India."(X-365)

Correspondence, &c., on the Case of Mr. Fuller and the Case of Mr. Leeds. 1876-77.(X-366)

Correspondence relating to Law Reporting in India; also Correspondence regarding the Grant of a Pension to Mr. D. Sutherland. 1876.(X-367)

Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code Amendment Acts. Papers relating to Amendment in the Law relating to Sedition and Defamation. 1898.(X-368)

Local Government. Correspondence between the Se- cretary of State for India in Council, the Govern- ment of India, and the various Local Government, on the proposed Measures for the Extension of Local Government in India. 2 Parts. 1883.(X-369)

Native Press. Papers relative to the Public Press in India. 1858.(X-370)

Correspondence between the Government of India and the Secretary of State as to Act No. IX of 1878, "An Act for the Better Control of Publications in 0riental Languages," with Minutes of Council and other Papers. 4 Parts. 1878.(X-371)

Native Princes of India, or their Families, in receipt of Pensions from the British Government. 2 Parts. 1864.(X-372)

Natives. Col'respondellce on the Subject of the Pro- posed Alteration of the Provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure with respect to jurisdiction. over European British Subjects. 4 Parts. 1883.(X-373)

Further Papers and Correspondence. 2 Parts. 1884.(X-374)

Correspondence on the Appointment of Qualified Natives to certain Posts in the Educational and other Departments hitherto held by Europeans. 1897.(X-375)

Proclamation by the Queen in Council to the Princes, Chiefs, and People of India, published by the Governor-General at Allahabad, 1st November 1858.(X-376)

Annual Statements showing the Moral and Material Progress and Condition of India during the Year 1882-83. No. 19. Maps. 2 Parts.(X-377)

Ditto, for the Years 1883-84 to 1890-91. Nos. 20 to 27.(X-378)

Ditto, for the Year 1891-92. No. 28.(X-379)

Ditto, for the Years 1892-93 to 1897-98. Nos. 29 to 34.(X- 380)

Ditto, for 1898-99. 35th No.(X-381)

Railways. Report of Commissioners on the General Question of the Practicability of introducing Rail- way Communication throughout India. 1846.(X-382)

Correspondence relative to Railway undertakings in India. 2 Parts. 1850-53.(X-383)

Correspondence relating to the Madras Railway Com- pany. 1853.(X-384)

Correspondence relative to the Lines to be selected for the System of Railway Communication in India. 1853.(X-385)

Memorandum by Major Kennedy on the Question of a General System of Railways in India, and Des- patches on the Same Subject. 3 Parts. Maps. 1854-55.(X-386)

Memorandum showing the State and Prospects of Rail- ways in India. Map. 1857.(X-387)

Papers respecting Railways in India. Map. 1857.(X-388)

Report of Committee on the Causes which have led to the Delay in the Construction of Railways in India; Evidence and Index. 1858.(X-389)

Correspondence respecting the Isthmus of Kraw Rail- way. Plans. 1863.(X-390)

Papers respecting the Working Expenses, Capital, &c., of the South Eastern of Bengal, or Mutlah Railway Company, and the Development of Port Canning. 1865.(X-391)

Papers respecting the Extension of Railways in India and their Future Construction and Management, with Report by Mr. Fowler, on the Question of the Most Suitable Gauge for India. 4 Parts. 1869-72.(X-392)

Papers relative to the Proposed Break of Gauge on the Main Line of Railway to Peshawur. 1874.(X-393)

Despatches from the Governor-General relating to Railway Extension in India. 1869.(X-394)

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Contracts since 1859 between the Government and various Companies for the Construction of Rail- ways in India. 1871.(X-396)

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