Q. History & Biography

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---- In my end is my beginning. Lond.
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 A guide to the Egyptian galleries (sculp-
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---- A guide to the Egyptian collections
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---- My early life: a roving commis-
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---- The world crisis, 1911-1918; the
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 eighteenth century: a study of the political
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 The reign of the House of Rothschild. Tr.
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---- The rise of the House of Roth-
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 Archduke Francis Ferdinand. Tr. by
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  4. West, Julius.   John Stuart Mill.
  6. Morley, Edith J.  John Ruskin and social
  7. Joad, C. E. M.   Robert Owen, idealist.
  9. Cole, G. D. H.   William Cobbett.
  11. Cohen, Victor.  Jeremy Bentham.

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 The book of famous queens. Lond., &c.

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 modern knowledge, ed. by H. A. L. Fisher,
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Fifty years: memories and contrasts. A
 composite picture of the period, 1882-1932.
 By 27 contributors to the Times. With a
 foreword by G. M. Trevelyan. Lond. 1932.

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 Marlborough. N.Y. 1932. 171 p.   ISH-Q85

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 John company. Lond. 1926.  ISH-Q86

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 The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.
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 crisis of the European soul from the black
 death to the world war. Tr. from the Ger-
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 George the Fourth. Lond. 1935.  ISH-Q91

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 Albert, King of the Belgians in the Great
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 set down with his approval. Tr. by Ernest
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 Roman Empire. With various notes, in-
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 7 vols. (Bohn's standard library.)

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 Ordeal in England (England speaks again).
 Lond., &c. 1937.  ISH-Q97

---- The reckless Duke: the romantic
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 Greek byways. N.Y., &c. 1932.  ISH-Q99

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 London. Lond. 1914.  ISH-Ql00

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 Germany. Lond. 1925. (The modern world,
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 History of the United States. N.Y., &c.
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 Peter the Great: a life of Peter I of Rus-
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 Rand riches and South Africa: a pioneer's
 searchlight. Lond. 1936.  ISH-Q105

Graves, Robert.
 Claudius the God and his wife Messalina.
 The troublesome reign of Tiberius Clau-
 dius Caesar, Emperor of the Romans, as
 described by himself; also his murder at
 the hands of the notorious Agrippina and
 his subsequent deification, as described by
 others. Lond. 1934.  ISH-Q106

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 171 p.  ISH-Q109

---- The hundred years. Lond. 1936.

---- Wellington. N.Y., &c. 1931.

 The autobiography of Guibert, Abbot of
 Nogent-sous-Coucy. Tr. by C. C. Swin-
 ton Bland. Lond. 1925. (Broadway trans-
 lations.)  ISH-Q112

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 The history of civilization from the fall
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 Francis the First. N.Y. 1935.  ISH-Q114

---- Henry the Eighth. Lond. 1929.

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 Studies in Napoleonic strategy. Lond.
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Hammerton, J. A., ed.
 Universal history of the world. Lond. 8
 vols.  ISH-Q117
  1. From the earliest times to the Egyptian
  2. From the Hittite Empire to the fifth cen-
   tury Athens.
  3. From the Hellenistic age to the Empire
   under Hadrian.
  4. From the Empire under the Antonines to
   the middle ages.
  5. From the middle ages to the close of the
  6. From the reformation to the age of Louis
  7. From the eighteenth century to the age of
   Queen Victoria.
  8. From the late Victorian age to the pre-
   sent day.

Harden, Maximilian.
 Word portraits: character sketches of fam-
 ous men and women. Tr. from the Ger-
 man by Julius Gabe. Edinb., &c. 1911.

Harper, J. E. T.
 The truth about Jutland. Lond. 1927. 200
 p.  ISH-Q120

----, &c. Reproduction of the battle of
 Jutland. Lond. 1927. 121 p.  ISH-Q119

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 "T. E. Wawrence" in Arabia and after.
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---- The war in outline, 1914-1918.
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 Bismarck and the foundation of the Ger-
 man Empire. N.Y., &c. c.1899. (Heroes
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 Modern Europe, 1789-1914. Lond. 1916.

Historians' (the) history of the world. By
 Henry Smith Williams. N.Y. c,1907. 25
 vols. in 13.  ISH-Q127

  1-2. Egypt, Babylcnia and Assyria, Israel,
   Phoenicia and Carthage, minor nations
   of Western Asia, Ancient India, An-
   cient Persia.
  3-4. Greece.
  5-6. Rome.
  7-8. Later Roman Empire, Parthians, Sas-
   sanids and Arabs, the Crusades, feu-
   dalism and the papacy.
  9-10. Italy, Spain and Portugal.
  11-12. France.
  13-14. The Netherlands (Holland and Bel-
   gium), the Holy Roman Empire and
   the Empire of Austria-Hungary.
  15-16. The German Empire, Switzerland, Nor-
   way, Sweden and Denmark.
  17-18. Russia and Poland, the British Empire.
  19-20. The British Empire.
  21-22. British colonies and United States of
  23-24. United States of America, Spanish
   America, Turkey, the Balkans, the New
   Orient (including Persia, China and
  25. General index.

Hobhouse, Christopher.
 Fox. Lond. 1934.  ISH-Q128

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 The history of Europe from 1862 to 1914.
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 A history of the British people. Lond.
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Hutchinson's Story of the British nation:
 the first connected pictorial & authoritative
 history of the British peoples, from the ear-
 liest times to the present day. Ed. by Walter
 Hutchinson. Lond. 4 vols.  ISH-Q131

Ibanez, Vicente Blasco.
 Alfonso XIII unmasked: the military ter-
 ror in Spain. Lond. 1925. 158 p.  ISH-Q132

Illustrated (the) war news, being a pictorial
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 Lond. 1914-18. 16 vols.  ISH-Q133

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 England. Lond. 1926. ( Modern world
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J. Ramsay MacDonald (1923-1925). By
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 England. Brist. 1935.  ISH-Q140

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 face by the Emperor. Lond. 1934.

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 The robber barons: the great American
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 The crucifixion of liberty. Tr. by G. Keren-
 sky. N.Y. c.1934.  ISH-Q144

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 A history of modern times, from 1789 to
 the present day. Lond., &c. 1929.  ISH-Q145

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 Sir Roger Keyes: the Narrow seas to the
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 p.  ISH-Q147

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 The diary of a young lady of fashion in the
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 Tr. from the French by N.F. Dryhurst. N.
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 Genghis Khan: the emperor of all men.
 Lond. 1928.  ISH-Q151

---- Omar Khayyam: a life. N.Y. 1934.

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 Giuseppe Garibaldi: a biography. Lond.
 1934.  ISH-Q153

---- John Ruskin. Edinb. 1932. 152 p.

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 Revolt in the desert. Lond. 1927.  ISH-Q155

---- Seven pillars of wisdom: a triumph.
 Lond. 1935.  ISH-Q156

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 King Edward VII: a biography. Vol. 1.
 Lond. 1925.  ISH-Q157

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 Stalin. N.Y. 1931.  ISH-Q158

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 The profits of war through the ages. Lond.
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 The epic of Captain Scott. Edinb. 1933.
 178 p.  ISH-Q161

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 Mary, Queen of Scots. Edinb. 1933. 160 p.

---- Robert the Bruce. Edinb. 1934.
 181 p.  ISH-Q163

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 The history of Rome. Tr. by Canon Ro-
 berts. Lond. 1912(introd.). 6 vols. (Every-
 man's library. 603, 669-670, 749, 755-
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 War memoirs of David Lloyd George.
 Lond. 1933-36. 6 vols.  ISH-Q165

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 Memoirs of a British agent, being an ac-
 count of the author's early life in many
 lands and of his official mission to Mos-
 cow in 1918. Lond., &c. 1932.  ISH-Q166

---- Retreat from glory. Lond. 1934.

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 The tragedy of nation: Germany, 1918-
 1934. Lond. 1934.  ISH-Q168

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 The opium clippers. Glasg. 1933.  ISH-Q169

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 Hindenburg. Tr. by Eden and Cedar Paul.
 Phil., &c. c.1935.  ISH-Q170

---- July 1914. Tr. by C. A. Macartney.
 Lond., &c. 1929.  ISH-Q171

---- Leaders of Europe: nine biogra-
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---- Napoleon. Tr. by Eden and Cedar
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 Gallipoli memories. Lond., &c. 1924.

---- Marathon and Salamis. Edinb.
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---- Prince Charlie. Edinb. 1932. 167
 p.  ISH-Q177

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 What have the Greeks done for modern
 civilisation? N.Y., &c. 1914.  ISH-Q178

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 Mrs. Grundy: a history of four centuries
 of morals intended to illuminate present
 problems in Great Britain and the United
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 Modern England, 1885-1932: a history of
 my own times. Lond. 1934.  ISH-Q180

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 Secret diplomatic history of the eighteenth
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 The Conway, from her foundation to the
 present day. Lond. 1933.  ISH-Q182

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 The house of Mitui. A record of three
 centuries: past history and present enter-
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 rope in the 18. century. Bost., &c. 1934.

---- Contemporary Europe and over-
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---- England in the eighteenth century.
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---- The states of Europe, 1815-1871: a
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Museum of archaeology at Sarnath.
 Catalogue of the Museum of archaeology
 at Sarnath. By Daya Ram Sahni. Cal-
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 My autobiography. Tr. together with a
 foreword by Richard Washburn Child.
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New (the) dealers. By unofficial observer.
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 tune: The life and times of Andrew W.
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 character of Jane Shore, the Mistress of
 King Edward IV, together with a pageant

 of her times and contemporaries. Lond.
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アダムスと家康 内山 舜著 東 大正一五
 洋 小  ISH-Q304

赤穂義士観 徳富猪一郎著 東 昭和四
 洋 小 一一八頁  ISH-Q305

福岡懸中學修猷館職員卒業生名簿 昭和四年七月調
 福岡 洋 中 八八頁  ISH-Q307

藤正純奉公話 藤正純述 大内英三手記 東
 昭和五 洋 中  ISH-Q308

維新夜語 田中光顕著 一四版 東
 昭和一一 洋 小  ISH-Q309

成吉思汗と亜細亜民族 大濱喜一郎著 東
 昭和八 洋 中  ISH-Q310

神皇紀 三輪義燕著 東 大正一〇
 洋 中  ISH-Q311

近世日本國民史 徳富猪一郎著 初/一五版
 東 大正七/昭和一二 洋 小 五六冊

切支丹宗門の迫害と潜伏 姉崎正治著 東
 大正一四 洋 中  ISH-Q313

國史異論奇説新學説考 藤井尚治著 東 昭和一二
 洋 小  ISH-Q314

國史上の社會問題 三浦周行著 三版 東
 大正一〇 洋 中  ISH-Q315

更訂國史の研究 各説下 黒板勝美著 東
 昭和一一 洋 中  ISH-Q316

明治維新史講話 藤井甚太郎著 五版 東
 昭和四 洋 中  ISH-Q317

ミル自叙傅 英 ミル著 今泉浦次郎 石田
 憲次譯 京都 大正一一 洋 小 ISH-Q318

三井物産の思出 高橋敏太郎著 東 昭和一二
 洋 小  ISH-Q319

参戰二十提督回顧三十年 日露大戰を語る
 東京日日新聞壮 大阪毎日新聞社編 東/大阪
 昭和一〇 洋 小  ISH-Q320

名将回顧 日露大戰秘史 海戰篇 朝日新聞社編
 東 昭和一〇 洋 中  ISH-Q321

名将回顧 日露大戰秘史 陸戰篇 朝日新聞社編
 東 昭和一〇 洋 小 一八一頁  ISH-Q322

日本文化史概論 西村真次著 一二版 東
 昭和九 洋 中  ISH-Q323

日本武将譚 菊池 寛著 五版 東 昭和
 一一 洋 小  ISH-Q324

日本人名録 昭和五年度用 東洋出版社刊
 倫敦 昭和六 洋 小 一五八頁  ISH-Q325

日本帝國の一転機 徳富猪一郎著 東 昭和四
 洋 中  ISH-Q326

歴史と人物 三浦周行著 再版 東 大正
 五 洋 中  ISH-Q328

左傅釈義 飯島忠夫述 東 昭和九 洋
 中  ISH-Q329

西洋文明の没落 -東洋文明の勃興- 福澤桃介
 著 東 昭和七 洋 小 九六頁 ISH-Q330

(岩波)西洋人名辭典 亀井高孝等編 東 昭和
 七 洋 小  ISH-Q331

西洋史新講 大類 伸著 三版 東 昭和九
 洋 中  ISH-Q332

世界の変局 徳富猪一郎著 七版 東
 大正五 洋 中  ISH-Q333

世界大戰原因の研究 鹿島守之助著 東 昭和
 九 洋 中  ISH-Q334

渋沢栄一翁 白石喜太郎著 東 昭和八
 洋 中  ISH-Q335

史眼に映ずる世界大戰 箕作元八著 四版 東
 大正七 洋 小  ISH-Q336

将軍乃木 桜井忠温著 三一版 東
 昭和三 洋 小  ISH-Q337

尚志會會報 昭和六年七月號 尚志會本部
 發行 福岡 昭和六 洋 小 四一頁  ISH-Q338

宗竺居士行状 三井家編 東 和 中 二一
 頁  ISH-Q339

對支回顧録 對支功労者伝記編纂會編 東
 昭和一一 洋 中 二冊  ISH-Q340

高橋是清自傅 高橋是清著 二五版 東
 昭和一一 洋 小  ISH-Q341

天野山金剛寺小史 澤秀禅編 大阪 昭和一〇
 洋 小 二〇頁  ISH-Q306

わが七十年を語る 林 権助述 東 昭和一〇
 洋 小  ISH-Q342

大和民族の覚醒 徳富猪一郎著 三版 東
 大正一三 洋 小  ISH-Q343

矢野二郎傅 島田三郎編 東 大正二 洋
 中  ISH-Q344

矢野二郎先生記念事業記録 如水會發行 東
 昭和七 洋 中 一一三頁 記念寫真一三枚

財界人物我観 福澤桃介著 東 昭和五 洋
 小  ISH-Q346