Pg. Fine Arts

Adams, John D.
 Metal work and etching. With additional
 designs by other writers. Chic. c.1911. 88
 p.   ISH-Pg1

Appleton (the) master-composer series. Ed.
 by Albert E. Wier. Vol. 1, 3. N.Y., &c.
 1929. 2 vols.   ISH-Pg2
  1. Franz Schubert at home. Piano solo.
  3. Frederic Chopin at home. Piano solo.

Artist's (the) London. As seen in eighty
 contemporary pictures. With essays by
 John Drinkwater, &c. Lond. 1924. 38 p.
 & 80 plts.  ISH-Pg3

Asahi sinbunsya.
 Changing Japan seen through the camera.
 Tokyo. 1933.  ISH-Pg4

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 Franz Schubert. Edinb. 1934. 171 p.  ISH-Pg5

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 Leonardo da Vinci. Edinb. 1932. 168 p.

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 Five great painters of the Victorian era:
 Leighton, Millais, Burne-Jones, Watts, Hol-
 man Hunt. Lond. 1902. 167 p.   ISH-Pg7

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 Art. Lond. 1914.  ISH-Pg8

---- Since Cezanne. Lond. 1922.  ISH-Pg9

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 The ABC of art. Lond. 1928. 144 p.
 (Vanguard ser. 1O.)   ISH-Pg10

British (the) journal photographic almanac.
 1929. Lond.   ISH-Pg11

Burgess, Fred W.
 Old pottery and porcelain. Lond. 1916.
 (Home connoisseur ser.)   ISH-Pg12

Bushell, Stephen W.
 Chinese art. 2. ed. Lond. 1914-19. 2 vols.
 (Victoria and Albert museum.)   ISH-Pg13

Cellini, Benvenuto.
 The life of Benvenuto Cellini, written by
 himself. Tr. and ed. by John Addington
 Symonds. With an introduction by Thomas
 Craven and illustrations by Fritz Kredel.
 Verona. 1937.   ISH-Pg14

Colour: "the most fascinating magazine in
 the world," Vol. 2-21; new ser., vol. 1-2.
 (Vol. 13, no. 5, w.) Feb., 1915- Jan., 1927.
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Commercial art. Ser. 1-3. Lond. 1922-24.
 3 vols.  ISH-Pg16

Corot, Jean-Baptiste Camille.
 Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, 1796-1875.
 With foreword by John Norris. Lond. 1925.
 7 p. & 8 plts. (Portfolios of great mas-
 ters.)  ISH-Pg17

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 Modern art: the men, the movements, the
 meaning. N.Y. 1934.   ISH-Pg18

Davies, Walford.
 The pursuit of music. Lond. &c.  ISH-Pg19

Decorative art: "The Studio" year book,
 1928-1930. Lond. 3 vols.   ISH-Pg20

De Forest, Julia B.
 A short history of art. Ed., rev. and large-
 ly rewritten by Charles H. Caffin. N.Y.
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Dolphin (the): a journal of the making of
 books. Number 1. N.Y. 1933.   ISH-Pg22

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 Schubert. Rev, ed. Lond., &c. 1934.
 (Master musicians.)   ISH-Pg23

Dunstan, Ralph.
 A cyclopaedic dictionary of music. 3. ed.,
 corr. & rev., with numerous additions.
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Elson, Arthur.
 Modern composers of Europe, being an ac-
 count of the most recent musical progress
 in the various European nations. Lond.
 1909.  ISH-Pg25

Erb, J. Lawrence.
 Brahms. Rev. ed. Lond., &c. 1934. (Mas-
 ter. musicians.  ISH-Pg26

Everard, John.
 Life lines. Lond. 1936. 48 plts.  ISH-Pg27

Fairbairns, Arnold.
 Portfolio of English cathedrals. With
 historical and architectural notes by A.
 Fairbairns. Lond. 7 pts. in 1 vol.  ISH-Pg28
  St. Paul's.

Fedden, Romilly.
 Modern water-colour. Lond. 1917. 124 p.

Figure studies from the Paris Salon. Lond.
 16 plts.  ISH-Pg30

Fletcher, F. Morley.
 Wood-block printing. A description of the
 craft of woodcutting & colourprinting based
 on the Japanese practice by F. M. Fletcher.
 Lond. 1916. 155 p. (Artistic crafts series
 of technical handbooks, ed. by W. R.
 Lethaby.)  ISH-Pg31

Gilbert, W. S.
 The Pinafore picture book: the story of
 H.M.S. Pinafore. Illust. by Alice B. Wood-
 ward. Lond. 1908. 131 p.  ISH-Pg32

---- & Sullivan, Arthur.
 Pianoforte score of Ioanthe; or, the Peer
 and the Peri. Lond. 93 p.  ISH-Pg33

Gloag, John, ed.
 Design in modern life. Lond. 1934. 138 p.
 & 39 plts.  ISH-Pg34

Golden (the) treasury of recorded music on
 "his master's voice", ed. by A. Robertson.
 Lond. 1928-29. 2 vols.  ISH-Pg35
  1. Bach and Beethoven.
  2. Wagner.

---- do. 2. Wagner.  ISH-Pg35A

Gordon, Jan.
 Modern French painters. With 40 illustra-
 tions. Lond. 1923.  ISH-Pg36

Grautoff, Otto.
 Die franzosische Malerei seit 1914. Berl.
 1921. 58 S. & 38 Tafeln.  ISH-Pg37

Great pictures. By Great painters. Sel.
 from the Public galleries of Great Britain
 and the continent. With descriptive notes
 by A. Fish. Pt. 1-20, 22-25. Loud., &c.
 1915. 2 vols.  ISH-Pg38

Guyau, Jean Marie.
 L'art au point de vue sociologique. 2. ed.
 Par. 1914. (Bibliotheque de philosophie
 contemporaine.)  ISH-Pg39

Haddan, J. Cuthbert.
 Chopin. Rev. ed. Lond., &c. 1934. (Mas-
 ter musicians.)  ISH-Pg40

---- Haydn. Rev. ed. Lond., &c. 1934.
 (Master musicians.)  ISH-Pg41

Hays, Alfred, comp.
 Theatre plan book: showing the seating
 plans of London theatres, concert halls,
 sports ground, &c. Season 1926-1927.
 Lond. 157 p.  ISH-Pg42

 The introduction to Hegel's philosophy of
 fine art. Tr. from the German, with notes
 and prefatory essay, by Bernard Bosanquet.
 Lond. 1905.   ISH-Pg43

Hind, C. Lewis.
 The great painters in art and life. Lond.

Hirn, Yrjo.
 The origins of art: a psychological & so-
 ciological inquiry. Lond. 1900.  ISH-Pg45

Holbein, Hans, the younger.
 Hans Holbein the younger, 1497-1543.
 With foreword by S. Lane. Lond. 1926. 8
p. & 8 plts. (Portfolios of great masters.)

Imperial war museum.
 War pictures. Exhibition at the Royal
 academy. Lond. 1919. 112 p.  ISH-Pg47

Italian art: an illustrated souvenir of the
 exhibition of Italian art at Burlington
 House, London. Lond. 1930. 139 p.

Lee, E. Markham.
 The story of opera. Lond. 1909. (Music
 story ser., ed. by F. J. Crowest.)   ISH-Pg49

---- do.   ISH-Pg49A

---- The story of symphony. Lond. 1916.
 (Music story ser., ed. by F. J. Crowest.)

Maguinness, Irene.
 British painting. Lond. 1920.  ISH-Pg51

Matthay, Tobias.
 Musical interpretation: its laws and prin-
 ciples, and their application in teaching
 and performing. Lond., &c. 1914. 177 p.

Maxwell, Donald.
 Wembley in colour, being both an impres-
 sion and a memento of the British Empire
 exhibition of 1924. Lond. 1924, 112 p.

Meier-Graefe, Julius.
 Vincent van Goch: a biographical study.
 Tr. by John Holroyd-Reece. N.Y. 1933.

 Michelangelo: a record of his life as told
 in his own letters and papers. Tr. & ed.
 by R. W. Carden. Lond. 1913.   ISH-Pg55

Millbank, National gallery.
 Illustrations. Lond. 1923. 101 p.   ISH-Pg56

Modern masterpieces of British art. Pt. 1-17.
 Lond. 17 pts. in 1 vol.   ISH-Pg57

Montagu-Nathan, M.
 Glinka. Lond. 1916. 85 p. (Masters of
 Russian music.)   ISH-Pg58

---- Moussorgsky. Lond. 1916. 100 p.
 (Masters of Russian music.)   ISH-Pg59

---- Rimsky-Korsakof. Lond. 1916.
 124 p. (Masters of Russian music.)

Moser, Hans.
 Das Schonheits-Ideal in der Malerei.
 2. Aufl. Lpz, 159 S.  ISH-Pg61

Music-lovers' (the) library. A comprehensive
 collection of all best music. No. 1-25, 28-
 31. Lond. 2 vols.  ISH-Pg62

National (the) gallery-British art & the
 Tate gallery.
 Illustrated catalogue. Lond. 1913. 144 p.

Newmarch, Rosa.
 The concert-goer's library of descriptive
 notes. Lond. 1928-30. 3 vols.,  ISH-Pg64

Ny carlsberg Glyptotek. Moderne Afdeling.
 1918. 94 p.  ISH-Pg65

Orpen, William. ed.
 The outline of art. N.Y. 1930.  ISH-Pg66

Pall Mall pictures. 1914-1915. Lond. 2 vols.
 ("Pall Mall gazette" extra)  ISH-Pg67

Patterson, Annie W.
 Schumann. Rev. ed. Lond., &c. 1934.
 (Master musicians.)  ISH-Pg68

Penrose's Annual: the process year book and
 review of the graphic arts. Ed. by Wm.
 Gamble. Vol. 29. 1927. Lond.  ISH-Pg69

Peyser, Ethel.
 How to enjoy music: a first aid to music
 listeners. N.Y. 1933. 170 p.  ISH-Pg70

Photograms of the year: the annual review
 of the world's pictorial photographic work,
 1915-1918, 1928-1929. Lond. 6 vols.

Pop (the) annual, 1937. Manch. 108 p.

Posters by Royal academicians and other
 eminent artists. With an appreciation by
 Martin Conway. Lond. 1924. 8 p. & 18
 plts.  ISH-Pg73

Propert, W. A.
 The Russian ballet in Western Europe,
 1909-1920. With a chapter on the music
 by Eugene Goosens and 63 illustrations
 from original drawings. Lond. 1921. 151
 p.  ISH-Pg74

Quinton, A. R.
 Sidmouth and neighbourhood. From origi-
 nal water colour paintings. Sevenoaks. 11
 illust.  ISH-Pg75

 Rembrandt's paintings. With an essay on
 his life and work by D. S. Meldrum. With
 541 illustrations. Lond. 1923.  ISH-Pg76

Repin, Ilya.
 The Ilya Repin exhibition. Introduction
 and catalogue of the paintings by Dr.
 Christian Brinton, N.Y. 1921. 26 p. &
 21 plys.  ISH-Pg77

Rhead, G. Woolliscraft.
 Etching. Lond. 77 p. (Darton's manuals
 for home work.)  ISH-Pg78

Rich, Alfred W.
 Water colour painting. Lond. 1918. (New
 art library.)  ISH-Pg79

Rolland, Romain.
 Beethoven. Tr. by B. C. Hull. Lond. 1917.
 (Library of music and musicians, ed. by
 A. E. Hull.)  ISH-Pg80

Ronald, Landon, ed.
 The music lover's portfolio of the world's
 best music. Lond. 20 pts. in 1.  ISH-Pg81

 Il barbiere di Siviglia. The music by Ros-
 sini. As represented at the Royal opera
 covent garden. Italian-English ed. Lond.
 34 p.  ISH-Pg82

Rothenstein, Wiltiam.
 A plea for a wider use of artists & crafts-
 men, Lond. 28 p.   ISH-Pg83

Royal academy of arts.
 Exhibition of works by Swedish artists
 (1880-1900), Jan.-Feb., 1924, at London.
 Stockh. 1924. 50 p. & 32 illust, ISH-Pg84

---- Exhibition of Italian art, 1200-
 1900. Lond. 1930.  ISH-Pg85

Royal (the) academy illustrated. (Pub. by
 authority.) 1916-1920, 1922-1932, 1934-
 1936. Lond. 19 vols.   ISH-Pg86

Ruskin, John.
 Modern painters. Lond. 5 vols. (Every-
 man's library.)   ISH-Pg87

Salaman, Malcolm C.
 The new woodcut. Lond., &c. 176 p. (The
 Studio special spring number, 1930.)

Salon (le). 1914 & 1930. Par. 2 vols. (So-
ciete des artistes francais.)   ISH-Pg89

Scholes, Percy A.
 A miniature history of music for the gene-
 ral reader and the student. Lond., &c.
 1928. 53 p.  ISH-Pg90

Schwezoff, Igor.
 Borzoi. Lond. 1935.  ISH-Pg91

Scott, Marion M.
 Beethoven. Lond., &c. 1934. (Master mu-
 sicians.)  ISH-Pg92

Scottish (the) national war memorial. With
 an introduction by General Sir Ian Hamil-
 ton. Edinb. 1932. 64 p.   ISH-Pg93

Shakespeare, William.
 A tribute to the genius of William Shakes-
 peare, being the programme of a perfor-
 mance at Druly Lane theatre on May 2,
 1916. the tercentenary of his death. Lond.
 1916. 17 p. & 55 plts.   ISH-Pg94

Sitwell, Sacheverell.
 Mozart. N.Y. 1932. 185 p.   ISH-Pg95

Solomon, Solomon J.
 The practice of oil painting and of draw-
 ing as associated with it. 2. ed. Lond. 1914.
 (New art library, ed. by M. H. Spielmann
 & P. G. Konody.) ISH-Pg96

Stage (the) year book, 1916-1920. Ed. by
 L. Carson. Lond. 5 vols.   ISH-Pg97

Statham, H. Heathcote.
 What is music? A brief analysis for the
 general reader. Lond. 1913. 158 p.

Stratton, Stephen S.
 Mendelssohn. Rev. ed. Lond., &c. 1934.
 (Master musicians.)  ISH-Pg99
"Studio" (the): Famous water-colour pain-
 ters. 3-5. Lond. 1928-29. 3 vols.  ISH-Pg100
  3. J. M. W. Turner, R. A. Introduction by
   G. S. Sandilands. 6 p. & 8 plts.
  4. Richard Parkes Bonington. Introduction
   by G. S. Sandilands. 6 p. & 8 plts.
  5. Peter de Wint. Introduction by Martin
   Hardie, 6 p. & 8 plts.

Studio (the): an illustrated magazine of fine
 & applied art. Vol. 72, no. 295. Lond.
 1917. 44 p.  ISH-Pg101

Studio (the).
 Modern masters of etching. Pt. 1. Frank
 Brangwyn, R. A. Introduction by Malcolm
 C. Salaman. Lond. 1924. 8 p. & 8 plts.

Tanaka Yasusi.
 Exposition Yasushi Tanaka. Par. 4 p. &
 10 plts.   ISH-Pg103

Times (the).
 Big game photographs from the Times.
 photographs by Marcuswell Maxwell taken
 in Kenya and Tanganyika. Lond. 1 p. &
 28 plts.  ISH-Pg104

Vanderpoel, John H.
 The human figure. 5. ed. Lond. 1913. 167
 p.  ISH-Pg105

Wheeler, Capt. Owen.
 Amateur cinematography. N.Y., &c. 1929.
 146 p.   ISH-Pg106

White, Robert T.
 Music and its story. Camb. 1924. 192 p.

Wiertz, Antoine.
 Musee Antoine Wiertz, Bruxelles. 80 plts.

Wilenski, R. H.
 A miniature history of European art. Lond.
 1930. 96 p.   ISH-Pg109

Williams, C. F. Abdy.
 Bach. Rev. ed. Lond., &c. 1934.  ISH-Pg110

Young, Filson.
 More mastersingers: studies in the art of
 music. Lond. 1913.   ISH-Pg111

佛教藝術の研究 平子鐸嶺著 中川忠順等編 東
 大正一二 洋 中  ISH-Pg112

方寸千里帖 古林香州画 庚午 一帖  ISH-Pg113

印度の佛教藝術に就て (西遊雑信四)
 関野 貞著 東 洋 中 二六頁 ISH-Pg114

古寺巡禮 和辻哲郎著 東 大正八 洋
 小  ISH-Pg115

同 第一一刷 昭和一一  ISH-Pg115A

実地指導國民書鑒 -本文骨法註釈篇 書道須知篇
 基本点画篇 間架結構篇- 鈴本香雨著 五版
 東 昭和一一 和 大 五六頁 ISH-Pg116

國民書鑒 鈴木香雨 関 雪舟著 五阪
 東 昭和一一 和 大 一三〇頁 ISH-Pg117

日本美術年鑑(一九二七年) 東京朝日新聞
 發行 東 昭和二 洋 大  ISH-Pg118

歐米美術の素人観 國華倶楽部編 東 大正
 一二 洋 中 一二六頁 (國華倶楽部講話集
 第二輯)  ISH-Pg119

歴游画集 矢崎千代二作 洋 小 一九頁
 パステル画一二枚  ISH-Pg120

四季画帖 芳谷画 甲子 一帖  ISH-Pg121