Pd. Poetry

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 index of first lines and chronogical list.
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ter W. Skeat. Lond. 1927.  ISH-Pd18

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 p.  ISH-Pd48

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 Le Morte Darthur: the history of King
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 Benet and illustrations by Carlotta Petrina.
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---- The mirror of Venus. Love poems
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 media amoris, Heroidae, Fasti, & Meta-
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---- With Shelley in Italy: a selection of
 the poems and letters of Percy Bysshe Shelley
 relating to his life in Italy. Ed by Anna
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 England reclaimed: a book of eclogues.
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 least of these little ones. With illustrations
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 The crescent moon. Tr. from the original
 Bengali by the author. Lond. 1913. 94 p.

---- Fruit-gathering. Lond. 1916. 123
 .  ISH-Pd72

---- The gardener. Tr. by the author
 from the original Bengali. Lond. 1913, 150
 p.   ISH-Pd73

---- Stray birds; Lond. 1917. 84 p.

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 Poems. Sel. and with an introduction by
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---- The suppressed poems of Alfred
 Lord Tennyson, 1830-1868. Ed. by J. C.
 Thomson. Lond. 1910. 160 p.  ISH-Pd76

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 An anthology of world poetry. In English
 translations by Chaucer, Swinburne, Dow-
 son, Symons, Rossetti, Waley, Herrick, Foe,
 Francis Thompson and others. Lond., &c.
 1929.   ISH-Pd77

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 The lyrics. Done into English verse by
 Algernon Charles Swinburne, &c. With an
 introduction by Leonie Adams & the wood-
 blocks cut by Howard Simon. N.Y. 1933.
 103 p.  ISH-Pd78

 The Aeneid. Tr. with an introductory es-
 say, by Frank Richard. Lond. 1928.  ISH-Pd79

---- do. Tr. into blank verse by Henry
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 Rossetti: his life and works. Lond. 1928.

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 Leaves of grass. Issued under the editorial
 supervision of his literary executors, Ri-
 chard Maurice Bucke, &c. N.Y., &c. 3
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 The poems. With introductions and notes,
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---- Poems. Sel. and with an introduc-
 tion by W. MacNeile Dixon. Lond. (Gol-
 den poets, ed. by 0. Smeaton.)  ISH-Pd86

芭蕉名句評釈 島田青峰著 東 昭和九 洋
 小  ISH-Pd87

蕪村名句評釈 河東碧梧桐著 東 昭和九
 洋 小  ISH-Fd88

異國吟行 清崎昌雄著 神戸 昭和五
 洋 小 九八頁  ISH-Pd89

生くる日に 前田夕暮(洋三)著 東 大正
 三 洋 小  ISH-Pd90

一茶名句評釈 勝峰晋風著 東 昭和一○
 洋 小  ISH-Pd91

自由律俳句評釈 荻原井泉水著 東 昭和一〇
 洋 小  ISH-Pd92

灰燼集 -大正十二年震災歌集-
 アララギ發行所編 東 大正一三 洋 小

恋人 吉井勇著 東 大正二 洋
 小  ISH-Pd94

古今名句評釈 矢田挿雲著 東 昭和一〇
 洋 小  ISH-Pd95

源実朝名歌評釈 松村英一著 東 昭和九 洋
 小  ISH-Pd96

日本名詩抄 鈴本香雨著 東 昭和一一
 和 中 二二頁  ISH-Pd97

落椿 友野欽一遺稿 友野代三編
 東 昭和五 洋 小  ISH-Pd98

最近英詩概論 厨川白村(辰夫)著 再版 東
 大正一五 洋 小  ISH-Pd99

子規名句評釈 青木月斗著 東 昭和一〇
 洋 小  ISH-Pd100

泰西游 岩井尊人著 東 昭和二 洋
 中  ISH-Pd101