Pc. Fiction

Acton, Harold.
 Cornelian. Lond. 1928. 90 p.  ISH-Pc1

 Aesop's fables. Tr. by Samuel Croxall.
 With a bibliographical note by Victor
 Scholderer and numerous facsimiles of
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 Death of a hero: a novel. Lond. 1929.

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 Slowbags and Arethusa: a romance. Lond.
 1930.  ISH-Pc4

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 Anthony Adverse. N.Y. 1933.  ISH-Pc5

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 Sara Videbeck and the chapel. Tr. from
 the Swedish by Adolph Burnett Benson.
 N.Y. 1919. (Scandinavian classics. Vol.
 12)  ISH-Pc6

American (an) omnibus. N.Y. 1933.  ISH-Pc7

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 The improvisatore; or, life in Italy. From
 the Danish by Mary Howitt. Lond.  ISH-Pc8

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 The seven that were hanged. N.Y. 1931.

Annuzio, Gabriele d'.
 The triumph of death. Tr. from the Ita-
 lian by Georgina Harding. Lond. 1914.

Anstey, F.
 Vice versa or a lesson to fathers. Lond.
 1929.  ISH-Pc11

 The golden ass. Tr. by Jack Lindsay. Il-
 lust. by Percival Goodman. N.Y. 1932.

Arlen, Michael.
 The London venture. Lond. 1920. 178 p.

Artzibashef, Michael.
 Sanine. Tr. by Percy Pinkerton. Lond.
 1916.  ISH-Pc14

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 Dr. Serocold: a page from his day-book.
 Lond. 1930.  ISH-Pc15

Aumonier, Stacy.
 Ups and downs: a collection of stories.
 Lond. 1929.  ISH-Pc16

Austen, Jane.
 The complete novels. Lond. 1928. ISH-Pcl7

---- Pride and prejudice. N.Y. 1931.

Bagnold, Enid.
 Alice and Thomas and Jane. Illust. by
 the author and Laurian Jones. Lond. 1930.
 172 p.   ISH-Pc19

---- "National velvet". Lond. &c.
 1935.  ISH-Pc20

Balzac, Honore de.
 Droll stories: thirty tales. N.Y. 1932. 3
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---- Eugenie Grandet. N.Y. 1932.

---- Ten droll tales. Rendered faith-
 fully into English by J. Lewis May. Illust.
 by Jean de Bosschere. Lond. 1926.

Baring, Maurice.
 C. N.Y. 1924. 2 vols.   ISH-Pc24

---- Cat's cradle. Lond. 1925.  ISH-Pc25

---- The coat without seam. Lond. 1929.

---- Comfortless memory. Lond. 1928.

---- Daphne Adeane. Lond.   1926.

---- Darby and Joan. Lond., &c. 1933.

---- Forget-me-not and lily of the val-
 ley. Lond. 1928. 94 p.   ISH-Pc30

---- Friday's business. Lond. 1932.

---- The glass mender and other stories.
 Lond. 1926.   ISH-Pc32

---- The lonely lady of Dulwich. Lond.
 1934. 146 p.  ISH-Pc33

---- Lost diaries. Lond. 1927. (New
 readers library. 6.)   ISH-Pc34

---- Overlooked. Lond. 1922. ISH-Pc35

---- Robert Peckham. Lond. 1930.

---- Tinker's leave. Lond. 1927.

---- A triangle: passages from three
 notebooks. Lond. 1923.   ISH-Pc38

Barrington, E.
 The exquisite Perdita. Lond., &c. 1926.

Bates, H. E.
 Seven tales and Alexander. Lond. 1929.
 167 p.  ISH-Pc40

Baum, Vicki.
 Grand Hotel. Lond. 1930.   ISH-Pc41

Beals, Carleton.
 Mexican maze. N.Y. 1931.   ISH-Pc42

[Begbie, Harold.]
 The other door: a novel. By a gentleman
 with a duster. Lond. 1926.  ISH-Pc43

Bell, Neil.
 Life and Andrew Otway. N.Y. 1932.

Belloc, Hilaire.
 The mercy of Allah. Lond. 1928.  ISH-Pc45

Bennett, Arnold.
 Accident. Lond., &c. 1929.  ISH-Pc46

---- Arnold Bennett. Lond., &c. 1928.
 (Short stories of to-day and yester-day.)

---- Imperial palace. Lond. &c. 1930.

---- The old wives' tale. Lond. 1931.

Benney, Mark.
 Low company. Lond. 1936.   ISH-Pe5O

Benson, Stella.
 Tobit transplanted. Lond. 1931. ISH-Pc51

----, &c.
 Pull devil, pull baker. N.Y. 1933.

Beraud, Henri.
 The sorrows of a fat man. Tr. by R. France
 from the French. Lond. 1924.  ISH-Pc53

Bernstein, Hillel.
 L'affaire Jones: a hovel. N.Y. c.1933.

Bjornson, Bjornstjerne.
 Sunny hill: a Norwegian idyll. N.Y. 1932.
 163 p.  ISH-Pc55

Blackwood, Algernon.
 Ancient sorceries and other tales. Lond.,
 &c. (Collins Kings' way classics.)

Blake, George.
 The shipbuilders. Lond. 1935. ISH-Pc57

Blaker, Richard.
 But beauty vanishes. Lond., &c. 1936.

---- Here lies a most beautiful lady.
 Lond., &c. 1935.  ISH-Pc59

Bloch, Jean-Richard.
 "---- & Co". Tr. by C, K. Scott-
 Moncrieff. Lond. 1930.  ISH-Pc60

Boccaccio, Giovanni.
 Amorous fiammetta. Repr. from the origi-
 nal English edition, translation of Bartho-
 lomew Young (1587). New ed. by K. H.
 Josling and decorated in colour by M.
 Leone. Lond. 1929.  ISH-Pc61

---- The Decameron. Lond. 1914. 4
 vols.  ISH-Pc62

Borrow, George.
 Lavengro : the scholar--the gypsy--the
 priest. Lond.  ISH-Pc63

---- do. Illustrations in colour by E.
 J. Sullivan. Lond. 1926.  ISH-Pc63A

---- do. Illust. by Barnett Freedman.
 Lond. 1936. 2 vols.  ISH-Pc63B

Bronte, Charlotte.
 Jane Eyre. Lond., &c. 1915. (Everyman's
 library. 287.)  ISH-Pc64

Bronte, Emily.
 Wuthering heights. N.Y. 1932.  ISH-Pc65

Buchanan, George.
 A London story. Lond. 1935.  ISH-Pc66

Buck, Pearl S.
 House of earth. N.Y. 1935  ISH-Pc67

Bullett, Gerald.
 The jury. Lond. 1935.  ISH-Pc68

Bunin, Ivan.
 Grammar of love. Tr. by John Cournos.
 N.Y. 1934.  ISH-Pc69

---- the well of days. N.Y. 1934.

Bunyan, John.
 The pilgrim's progress. Illust. by B. Shaw.
 Lond.  ISH-Pc71

Burnett, W. R.
 Dark hazard. N.Y., &amo;c. 1933.  ISH-Pc72

Burt, Struthers.
 Festival. Lond. 1931.  ISH-Pc73

Busch, Marie & Pick, Otto, tr.
 Selected Czech tales. Lond., &c. 1925.
 (The world's classics. 288.)  ISH-Pc74

Butler, Samuel.
 Erewhon. With illustrations by Rockwell
 Kent. N.Y. 1934.  ISH-Pc75

---- The way of all flesh. 2. ed. Londr
 1914.  ISH-Pc76

---- do. Pictures by Robert Ward
 Johnson. N.Y. 1936. 2 vols.  ISH-Pc76A

Cabell, James Branch.
 Dommei: a comedy of woman-worship.
 Lond. 1927.  ISH-Pc77

Cambridge, Elizabeth.
 Hostages to fortune: a novel. Lond. 1933.

Capek, Karel.
 The absolute at large. Lond. 1927.

---- Dashenka or the life of a puppy.
 Tr. by M. & R. Weatherall. Lond. 1933.
 95 p.  ISH-Pc80

---- Fairy tales. Lond. 1933.  ISH-Pc81

---- Krakatit. Tr. by Lawrence Hyde.
 Lond. 1925.  ISH-Pc82

Carlisle, Helen Grace.
 We begin. N.Y. 1932.  ISH-Pc83

Carossa, Hans.
 A Roumanian diary. Lond. 1929.  ISH-Pc84

Carroll, Gladys Hasty.
 As the earth turns. N.Y. 1933.  ISH-Pc85

Carroll, Lewis.
 Alice's adventures in Wonderland. Illust.
 by J. Tenniel. N.Y. c.1927.  ISH-Pc86

---- Alice's adventures in Wonderland
 and through the looking-glass and what
 Alice found there. Lond. 1927.  ISH-Pc86A

---- do. Illust. bv John Tenniel. N.Y.
 1932-35. 2 vols.  ISH-Pc86B

Cary, Joyce.
 The African witch. Lond. 1936. ISH-Pc87

Cather, Willa.
 My mortal enemy. Lond. 122 p.  ISH-Pc88

Celine, Louis-Ferdinand.
 Journey to the end of the night. Lond.
 1934.  ISH-Pc89

Cervantes, Miguel de.
 The history of Don Quixote de la Mancha.
 Based on Shelton's translation of 1620 with
 illustrations by Jean de Bosschere and an
 essay by J. B. Trend. Lond. 1922.  ISH-Pc90

---- The ingenious gentleman Don
 Quixote of la Mancha. Tr. by John Orms-
 by. Illust. by Enric C. Ricart. N.Y.
 1933. 2 vols.  ISH-Pc90A

Chapman, Maristan.
 The weather tree. N.Y. 1932.  ISH-Pc91

Chesterton, Mrs. Cecil.
 In darkest London. New & rev. ed. Lond.
 1926.  ISH-Pc92

Chesterton, G. K.
 G. K. Chesterton. Lond., &c. 1928. (Short
 stories of to-day and yesterday.)  ISH-Pc93

Clark, Barrett H. & Lieber, Maxim.
 Great short stories of the world: a collec-
 tion of complete short stories chosen from
 the literatures of all periods and countries.
 Lond. 1926.  ISH-Pc94

Claudius, Tiberius.
 I, Claudius. Tr. by Robert Graves. Lond.
 1934.  ISH-Pc95

Cloete, Stuart.
 Turning wheels. Lond. 1937.  ISH-Pc96

Cobb, Humphrey.
 Paths of glory. N.Y. 1935.  ISH-Pc97

 Cheri. Tr. by Janet Flanner. Lond. 1930.

Collier, John.
 Defy the foul fiend or the misadventures
 of a heart. Lond. 1934.  ISH-Pc99

Collins, Wilkie.
 The moonstone. Lond. 1927.  ISH-Pc100

Collodi, C.
 Pinocchio: the adventures of a marionette.
 Tr. from the Italian by Walter S. Cramp.
 and illustrations by Richard Floethe. N.Y.
 1937. 136 p.  ISH-Pc101

Conner, Rearden.
 Shake hands with the devil. N.Y. c.1934

Conrad, Joseph.
 Suspense. Lond., &c. 1925.  ISH-Pc103

---- & Hueffer, F. M.
 The nature of a crime. Lond. 1924. 119 p.

Constant, Benjamin de, ed.
 Adolphe: a narrative found among the
 papers of an unknown person. Tr. by
 Paul Hookham. Lond. 1924(introd.).

Cooper, James Fenimore.
 The last of the Mohicans. N.Y. 1932.

Coppard, A. E.
 Fishmonger's flddle: tales. Lond. 1925.

---- Pink furniture: a tale for lovely
 children with noble natures. Lond. 1930.

Coster, Charles de.
 The Jegend of Ulenspiegel and Lamme
 Goedzak, and their adventures heroical,
 joyous and glorious in the land of Flanders
 and elsewhere. Tr. by F. M. Atkinson. 2.
 ed. in 1 vol. Lond. 1928.  ISH-Pc109

---- The glorious adventures of Tyl
 Ulenspiegl. The first complete translation
 into English by Allan Ross Macdougall.
 With illustrations by Richard Floethe.
 Haarlem. 1934.  ISH-Pc109A

Cournos, John.
 The new Candide. Lond. 1924. ISH-Pc110

Couzens, Reginald C.
 The stories of the months and days. Lond.
 &c. 160 p.  ISH-Pc111

Cozzens, James Gould.
 The last Adam. N.Y. 1933. ISH-Pc112

Cronin, A. J.
 Hatter's castle. Lond. 1931.  ISH-Pc113

Cronyn, George.
 The fool of Venus: the story of Peire Vidal.
 N.Y. 1934.  ISH-Pc114

Dane, Clemence.
 Broome stages. New impr. Lond. 1931.

Dashwood, Jane.
 Three daughters. Lond. 1930.  ISH-Pc116

Daudet, Alphonse.
 Sapho. N.Y. 1932. 196 p.  ISH-Pc117

Deeping, Warwick.
 Exiles. Lond., &c. 1930.  ISH-Pc118

---- Old Pybus. Lond., &c. 1928.

---- Old wine and new. N.Y. 1932.  ISH-Pc120

---- Roper's row. Lond., &c. 1929.

---- Seven men came back. Lond., &c.
 1934.  ISH-Pc122

---- Sorrell and son. Lond., &c. 1928.

---- The ten commandments. N.Y. 1931,

Defoe, Daniel.
 The life and surprising adventures of
 Robinson Crusoe of York, mariner. Lond.
 1904. ISH-Pc125

---- Moll Flanders and the fortunate
 mistress. Lond. 1929.  ISH-Pc126

Delafield, E. M.
 Diary of a provincial lady. Lond. 1930.

---- A good man's love, N.Y. 1932.

---- The provincial lady goes further.
 Lond. 1932.  ISH-Pc129

De la Mare, Walter.
 On the edge: short stories. Lond.

De la Roche, Mazo.
 Possession. Lond. 1923.  ISH-Pc131

---- Whiteoaks. Lond. 1929. ISH-Pc132

Denwood, J. M. & Wright, S. Fowler.
 Red Ike. Lond.  ISH-Pc133

Dickens, Charles.
 The chimes; Illust. by Arthur Rackham.
 Lond. 1931. 163 p.  ISH-Pc134

---- A Christmas carol in prose, being a
 ghost story of Christmas. With illustra-
 tions by Gordon Ross and an introduction
 by Stephen Leacock. Bost. 1934. 111 p.

---- The cricket on the hearth: a fairy
 tale of home. With seven posthumous
 illustrations by Hugh Thomson. [Lond.]
 1933. 81 p.  ISH-Pc136

---- Great expectations. With a new
 preface by Bernard Shaw and illustrations
 by Gordon Ross. Edinb. 1937.  ISH-Pc137

---- The posthumous papers of the Pick-
 wick Club. Lond., &c. ISH-Pc138

---- do. With illustrations by John
 Austen. Oxf. 1933. 2 vols.  ISH-Pc138A

Dinesen, Isak.
 Seven Gothic tales. N.Y. 1934.  ISH-Pc139

Dostoevsky, Fyodor.
 The brothers Karamazov. N.Y. (The guild
 classics.)  ISH-Pc140
---- do.: a novel in four parts and an
 epilogue. Tr. by Constance Garnett. N.Y.
 1933. 3 vols. ISH-Pc140A

Dostoieffskaya, L. F.
 The emigrant: a novel. Tr. by V. Mar-
 golies. Lond. 1916. (Constable's Russian
 library.)  ISH-Pc141

Douglas, Norman.
 South wind. N.Y. 1932.  ISH-Pc142

Dumas, Alexandre.
 The black tulip. Lond.  ISH-Pc143

---- The Count of Monte-Cristo. Lond.,
 &c.  ISH-Pc144

---- The Neapolitan lovers. Tr. & with
 an introduction by R. S. Garnett. Lond.,
 &:c. (International library.)  ISH-Pc145

---- The Prussian terror. A first trans-
 lation from the French by R. S. Garnett.
 Lond., &c. (International library.)

---- The three musketeers. Tr. by Wil-
 liam Robson. With illustrations by Pierre
 Falke. Maastricht. 1932. 2 vols.   ISH-Pc147

----, fils.
 Camille (la Dame aux Camelias). Tr.
 from the French with an introduction by
 Edmund Gosse and twelve drawings by
 Marie Laurencin. Lond. 1937.  ISH-Pc148

Dunsany, Lord.
 The sword of Welleran, and other stories.
 Lond.  ISH-Pc149

---- Tales of wonder. Lond. 1917. 189
 p.  ISH-Pc150

Eldershaw, M. Barnard.
 A house is built. Lond., &c. 1929.

Eliot, George.
 Adam Bede. Lond., &c.  ISH-Pc152

---- The mill on the Floss. N.Y. 1932.

---- Silas Marner: the weaver of Rave-
 loe. Lond. (Everymen's library. 121.)

English association.
 Prose of to-day. Lond., &c. 1928. 191 p.

Fairless, Michael.
 The roadmender. Lond. 1913. 165 p.

Fallada, Hans.
 Little man, what now ? N.Y. 1933.

Fallas, Carl.
 The wooden pillow. Lond., &c. 1935.

Ferguson, Rachel.
 The Brontes went to Woolworth's. Lond.
 1931.  ISH-Pc159

Feuchtwanger, Lion.
 Jew Suss. Tr. by Willa and Edwin Muir.
 Lond. 1926.  ISH-PC160

---- Josephus: a historical romance. Tr.
 from the German by Willa and Edwin
 Muir. Lond. c.1932.  ISH-Pc161

---- do. N.Y. 1932.  ISH-Pc161A

Fielding, Henry.
 Tom Jones: the history of a foundling.
 With illustrations by Alexander King. N.Y.
 1931.  ISH-Pc162

Flaubert, Gustave.
 Madame Bovary: moeurs de province. Ed.
 definitive. Par. 1917.  ISH-Pc163.

Forbes, Esther.
 A mirror for witches in which is reflected
 the life, machinations & death of famous
 Doll Bilby, &c. Lond. 1928.  ISH-Pc164

Forester, C. S.
 The happy return. Lond. 1937. ISH-Pc165

Fort, John.
 God in the straw pen.  N.Y. 1931.

France Anatole.
 At the sign of the Reine Pedauque. N.Y.
 1931.  ISH-Pc167

---- At the sign of the Queen Pedauque.
 Tr. by Mrs. Wilfrid Jackson. With illus-J
 trations by Sylvain Sauvage. Chic. 1933.
 186 p.  ISH-Pc167A

---- Thais. N.Y. 154 p. (The guild
 classics.)  ISH-Pc168

Frank, Bruno.
 A man called Cervantes. Tr. by H. T.
 Lowe-Porter. N.Y. 1935.  ISH-Pc169

Frank, Leonhard.
 Carl and Anna. Tr. by Cyrus Brooks.
 Lond. 1929. 117 p.  ISH-Pc170

Freiwald, Ludwig.
 Last days of the German fleet. Tr. by Mar-
 tin Moore. Lond. 1932.  ISH-Pc171

Frost, Ralph, comp.
 What cheer? Merry stories from all occa-
 sions. Lond. 1929.  ISH-Pc172

Futabatei (Hasegawa Tatunosuke).
 An adopted husband (sono omokage). Tr.
 from the original Japanese by Buhachiro
 Mitsui and Gregg M. Sinclair. Lond.

Galsworthy, John.
 Caravan: the assembled tales. Lond. 1925.

---- End of tbe chapter. N,Y. 1934.  ISH-Pc175

---- Five tales. Lond. 1918.  ISH-Pc176

---- Flowering wilderness. N.Y. 1932.

---- The Forsyte Saga. Lond. 1929.  ISH-Pc178

---- Maid in waiting. N.Y. 1931.  ISH-Pc179

---- A modern comedy. Lond. 1929.  ISH-Pc180

---- On Forsyte change. Lond. 1930.  ISH-Pc181

---- Over the river. Lond. 1933.  ISH-Pc182

---- The silver spoon. Lond. 1926.  ISH-Pc183

---- Swan song. Lond. 1928.  ISH-Pc184

---- Two Forsyte interludes: a silent
 wooing-passers by. Lond, 1927. 75 p.  ISH-Pc185

---- The white monkey. Lond. 1924.  IS}-Pc186

Garnett, David.
 Go she must! Lond. 1927.  ISH-Pc187

---- Lady into fox. 6. impr. Lond. 1923.
 91 p.  ISH-Pc188

---- A man in the zoo. Lond. 1924. 94
 p.  ISH-Pcl89

---- No love. Lond. 1929.   ISHPc190

---- Pocahontas or the nonpareil of Vir-
 ginia. Lond. 1933.  ISH-Pc191

Garnett, Mrs. R. S.
 Unrecorded: a tale of the day's of chivalry.
 Lond. 1931.  ISH-Pc192

Gautier, Theophile.
 The beautiful vampire (la morte amou-
 reuse). Tr. by Paul Hookham. Lond.
 1926(introd.). 110 p.  ISH-Pc193

---- Tales from Gautier. Tr. by L.
 Hearn. Lond. 1927.  ISH-Pc194

Gaye, Phoebe Fenwick.
 Vivandiere! Lond. 1929.  ISH-Pc195

Genevoix, Maurice.
 Rrou: a novel. English version by Alice
 Grant Rosman. With decorations by Diana
 Thorne. N.Y. 1932.  ISH-Pc196

Gerhardi, William.
 Pretty creatures. Lond. 1927. 193 p.

Gibbs, Philip.
 Paradise for sale and other little novels.
 Loud.  ISH-Pc198

Gide, Andre.
 The immoralist. Tr. from the French by
 Dorothy Bussy. Lond., &c. 1930.

Gilfillan, Lauren.
 I went to Pit college. N.Y. 1934.  ISH-Pc200

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang.
 The sorrows of young Werter. Lond., &c.
 192 p. (Cassell's national library.)  ISH-Pc201

---- do. Tr. by W. Rose. Lond. 1929. 171 p.

Gogol, Nikolai Vasil'evich.
 Dead-souls. Lond., &c. 1917. (Everyman's

 library. 726.)  ISH-Pc202

---- do.: a poem. Tr. from the Russian
 by Constance Garnett. Lond. 1922. 2 vols.

---- Evenings on a farm near Dikanta:
 tales ed. by Rudy Panko, beekeeper. Tr.
 from the Russian by Constance Garnett.
 Lond. 1926.  ISH-Pc203

---- Mirgorod, containing old world
 landowners, Taras Bulba, Viy, Ivan Ivano-
 vitch & Ivan Nikiforovitch. Tr. from the
 Russian by Constance Garnett. Lond. 1928.

---- Taras Bulba: a story of the Dnie-
 per Cossacks. Tr. by B. C. Baskerville.
 Lond., &c. 1907.  ISH-Pc205

Gold (the) falcon or the Haggard of love;
 being the adventures of Manfred, airman
 and poet of the world war, and later, hus-
 band and father, &c. Lond. 1933.

Golding, Louis.
 Five silver daughters. Lond. 1934.

Gontcharoff, Ivan.
 A common story: a novel. Tr. from the
 Russian by Constance Garnett. Lond.

Grahame, Kenneth.
 The golden age. With illustrations and
 decorations by Ernest H. Shepard. Lond.
 1928. 176 p.  ISH-Pc209

Graves, Robert.
 "Antigua, penny, puce". Lond. 1936.

---- But it still goes on: an accumula-
 tion. Lond., &c. 1930.  ISH-Pc211

---- The real David Copperfield. Lond.
 1933.  ISH-Pc212

Greene, Graham.
 Stamboul train. Lond. 1932.  ISH-Pc213

Guenther, Johannes von.
 Cagliostro: a novel. Tr. by Huntley Pater-
 son. Lond. 1928.  ISH-Pc214
Gunn, Neil M.
 Morning tide. Edinb. 1931.  ISH-Pc2l5

Hale, Edward Everett.
 The man without a country. N.Y. 1936.
 69 p.  ISH-Pc216

Hall, Leland.
 Salah and his American. N.Y. 1935. 199
 p.  ISH-Pc217

Halper, Albert.
 Union square. N.Y. 1943.  ISH-Pc218

Hamilton, Patrick.
 The midnight bell: a love story. Lond.
 1929.  ISH-Pc219

Hamsun, Knut.
 Growth of soil. Lond. 1921.  ISH-Pc220

---- Hunger. Tr. by G. Egerton. N.Y.
 1921.  ISH-Pc221

Hanley, James.
 Boy. Lond. 1931.  ISH-Pc222
---- Men in darkness : five stories. Lond.
 1931.  ISH-Pc223

Hardy, Thomas.
 Far from the madding crowd. N.Y. 1932.

---- Tess of the d'Urbervilles: a pure
 woman. Lond. 1919.  ISH-Pc225

---- do. 1926.  ISH-Pc225A

Hawthorne, Nathaniel.
 The house of the seven gables: a romance.
 N.Y. 1935.  ISH-Pc226

---- The marble faun. N.Y. 1931.  ISH-Pc227

---- New England romances: the scar-
 let letter--the house of seven gables--the
 Blithedale romance. Lond.  ISH-Pc228

Hearn, Lafcadio.
 Kwaidan: stories and studies of strange
 things. Tokyo. 1932.  ISH-Pc229

Heidenstam, Verner von.
 The tree of the Folkungs. Lond. 1925. 2
 vols.  ISH-Pc230

Henry, O.
 The voice of the city and other stories. A
 selection, with an introduction, by Clifton
 Fadiman. N.Y. 1935.  ISH-Pc231

Herbert, A. P.
 Holy deadlock. Lond. 1934.  ISH-Pc232

---- The water gipsies. Lond. 1930.  ISH-Pc233

Hewlett, Maurice.
 The forest lovers; a romance. N.Y. c.1898.

Hilton, James.
 Good-bye Mrs. Chips! Lond. 1934. 128 p.

Hodson, James Landsdale.
 Harvest in the North. Lond. 1934.  ISH-Pc236

Hoffmann, Heinrich.
 Slovenly Peter [Der Struwwelpeter]. Tr.
 into English jingles from the original Ger-
 man by Mark Twain with Dr. Hoffmann's
 illustrations. Adapted from the rare first
 edition by Fritz Kredel. N.Y. 1935. 34 p.

Hope, Anthony.
 The Dolly dialogues. Lond., &c.

Houghton, Claude.
 This was Ivor Trent. Lond. 1935.  ISH-Pc239

Hudson, W. H.
 Green mansions. N.Y. 1932.  ISH-Pc240

---- do.: a romance of the tropical
 forest. N.Y. 1935.  ISH-Pc24OA

Hughes, Richard.
 A high wind in Jamaica. Lond. 1929.

Hugo, Victor.
 The laughing man. Lond.  ISH-Pc242

---- Notre-Dame de Paris. N,Y. 1531.

---- do. Par. 2 vols.  ISH-Pc243A

Hutchinson, A. S. M.
 If winter comes. Lond.  ISH-Pc244

Hutchinson, R. C.
 The unforgotten prisoner. Lond., &c. 1933.

Huxley, Aldous.
 Brave new world: a novel. N.Y. 1932.

---- Brief candles: stories. Lond. 1930.

---- Crome yellow. Lond. 1928.  ISH-Pc248

---- Point counter point. Lond. 1928.

---- two or three graces and other
 stories. Lond. 1926.  ISH-Pc250

Ibanez, Vicente Blasco.
 Sonnica. Tr. by Frances Douglas. Lond.
 1920.  ISH-Pc251

Irwin, Margaret.
 None so pretty. Lond. 1930.  ISH-Pc252

---- Royal flush: the story of Minette.
 Lond. 1932.  ISH-Pc253

---- The stranger prince: the story of
 Rupert of the Rhine. Lond. 1937.  ISH-Pc254

Jesse, F. Tennyson.
 The lacquer lady. Lond. 1929.  ISH-Pc255

Joyce, James.
 Anna Livia Plurabelle. Fragment of work
 in progress. Lond. 32 p. (Criterion miscel-
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 nor Hammond Broadus and Anna Bene-
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 stone. Library ed. Lond. 1927.  ISH-Pc403

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 Storm and stress--In Paris-Journey's end.
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 the life of the educated class under the
 Soviet. Tr. by L. Zarine. Lond. 1931.

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 served death of Doctor John Faustus, 1592,
 together with the second report of Faustus
 containing his appearances and the deeds
 of Wagner, 1594. Both modernized and
 ed. by William Rose, Lond. (Broadway
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Deep dark river. N.Y. c.1935.   ISH-Pc419

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 Under Capricorn. Lond., &c. 1937.

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 quality. With an introduction by G. K.
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 ten. Oxf. 1936. 2 vols.  ISH-Pc440

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 The created legend. Tr. by J. Cournos.
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 Star maker. Lond. 1937.   ISH-Pc446

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 The charwoman's daughter. Lond. 1913.

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 Mosaic. Lond. 1930.  ISH-Pc451

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 The life and opinions of Tristram Shandy,
 gentleman. With illustrations by Rowland
 Wheelwright. Lond., &c. 1926.  ISH-Pc452

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 The master of Ballantrae. N.Y. 1931.

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 son. Lond. 1928.   ISH-Pc455

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 The almond tree. N.Y. 1931.  ISH-Pc456

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 The forge. Lond. 1931.   ISH-Pc457

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 Married. N.Y. (the modern library of
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 The brothers: a novel. Lond. 1432.

---- The garden. N.Y. 1931.  ISH-Pc461

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 Heimskringla: the Norse king sagas. Tr.
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 The mad professor. Tr. by Isabel Leighton.
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 The jaunts and jollities of that renowned
 sporting citizen Mr. John Jorrocks of St.
 Botolph Lane and Great Coram Street.
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 Ross. N.Y. 1932.  ISH-Pc464

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 Confessions of Zeno. Tr. by Beryl de Zoete.
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 Gulliver's travels. Lond. 1919.  lSH-Pc467

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 Gora. Lond. 1924.   ISH-Pc468

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 The history of Henry Esmond. Esq. N.Y.
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---- do.  ISH-Pc474A

---- Vanity fair: a novel without a
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 August folly: a novel. Lond. 1936.

Thousand (the) and one nights, or Arabian
 nights entertainments. Tr. by Edward Wil-
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Book (the) of the thousand nights and a
 night. A plain and literal translation of
 the Arabian nights entertainments. Made
 and annotated by Richard F. Burton. De-
 corated with illustrations by Valenti Angelo.
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 Anna Karenina. N.Y. (The guild classics.)

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---- do. Tr. by Louise and Aylmer
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 Anthony Trollope. Lond., &c. 1928. (Short
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 Kristin Lavransdatter. Tr. from the Nor-
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 Nigger heaven. Lond. 1926.  ISH-Pc492

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武州公秘話 谷崎潤一郎著 東 昭和一〇
 洋 小  ISH-Pc554

源氏の人々 高須梅渓著 再版 東 大正
 三 洋 小  ISH-Pc555

行人 夏目金之助(漱石)著 三版
 東 大正三 洋 中  ISH-Pc556

一里塚 小山内薫著 東 大正四
 洋 小  ISH-Pc557

神と人との間 谷崎潤一郎著 七版 東
 大正一四 洋 小  ISH-Pc558

恋百題 緑川春作著 東 大正三 洋
 小  ISH-Pc559

哄笑微笑苦笑 生方敏郎著 六版 東 大正
 一五 洋 小  ISH-Pc560

極光 成瀬無極著 東 大正三 洋
 小 (現代文藝叢書第三九編)  ISH-Pc561

道草 夏目漱石(金之助)著 五版
 東 大正六 洋 中  ISH-Pc562

無限の鐘 細井和喜蔵著 東 大正一五
 洋 小  ISH-Pc563

ニ葉亭四迷全集 第一巻 長谷川辰之助著 東
 昭和一二 洋 小  ISH-Pc564

歐州文藝界之逸話 -文豪之部- 西澤富則著
 東 大正二 洋 小  ISH-Pc565

真理の春 細田民樹著 二〇版 東
 昭和五 洋 小  ISH-Pc566

走馬燈 森林太郎(鴎外)著 東
 大正二 洋 小  ISH-Pc567

橡の実 吉村冬彦(寺田寅彦)著 東
 昭和一一 洋 小  ISH-Pc568

うるさき人々 杉村廣太郎(楚人冠)著 再版
東 昭和三 洋 小  ISH-Pc569

夜明け前 第一部 第二部 島崎藤村著
 二六/四五版 東 昭和一〇 洋 小 二冊
 (藤村文庫第一・二篇)  ISH-Pc570

世の中へ 加能作次郎著 東 大正八
 洋 小  ISH-Pc571